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AMITRIPTYLINE 20MG side effects


I have been on Amitrityline 20mg daily which I take approx. 7pm each night since 24th March. During the last two weeks I have been very very breathless and fast heat rate also a dry cough and dry mouth. It was so bad during the early hours of this morning I was panicky and anxious as I found breathing difficult and racing pulse. Have phone the hospital Arthritis helpline and left them a message. Anybody else had similar experience on this medication ??

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I take 20 mg Hun don't have any of the symptoms u describe apart from a dry mouth on a morning and sometimes a headache hope u get a response soon xxx

I took this for several years as it's used for back pain but then started having problems with a rapid heartbeat. I suggest that you go to see your GP early next week and discuss it with him. Clemmie


If this is because of the Amitriptyline then why don't you sinply try a few nights without it and see how you feel? It isn't a drug that causes any dependency and I take it as and when required. I had exactly the same response to two different antihistamines and the heart palpatations have stopped now that I have stopped taking them. There should be alternatives to Amitriptyline that you can try if you ask your GP.


I'm one of the people that doesn't tolerate Amitriptyline well. I found that, even on a low dose, I became quite anxious and started getting depressed - not bad for an anti-depressant! I'd suggest you go and see your GP next week to discuss whether your symptoms are due to the Amitriptyline and , if so, find an alternative. If you get another scary episode over Easter do call 111 for advice. I know they've had a bit of bad press in recent months but they were excellent when I needed to speak to them recently. I hope you get thing sorted soon xx

Are you sure it's the Amitriptyline? Pred and Methotrexate can also cause the rapid heartbeat and breathlessness. I am on 10mg of .Amitriptyline and don't notice anything but dry mouth when I wake up. I also have had racing heart and breathlessness, but it started before I began the Amitriptyline.

Amitriptyline is known to cause rapid heartbeat, tell you doctor and ask for the 10mg tabs. It worked for me - oh still have a dry mouth but I can put up with that! Hope it works for you.


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