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Pain Killers and frustration


I am new here, and wanted to ask about... pain killers, so I have painful swollen joints in hands feet and parroted glands and my GP has done blood tests which indicate rheumatoid arthritis and has referred me to a specialist (thankfully next weds 2 April) I am allergic to anti inflammatory and NSAID's so I have been out on oxyxodone for the pain, but there are times like today when it doesn't really touch the pain.. I have very little appetite and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to better manage this... I think I am also frustrated that the mind is willing but the body isn't so, I feel guilty and I am rubbish at it. I attempted to vacuum the house earlier, didn't get far as I couldn't even uncoil the lead :( so I sat and cried for ages and just feel hopeless... the pain has been really bad and usually to work through pain by cleaning as it takes my mind of it, its not happening for me....... does anyone else feel like this?? I feel like I am going crazy, I just want my life back and want to get back to work and 'normal'.

Thank you

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Hi. My sympathies. When I first had RA my hands were the worst. I had such pain and swelling. Some mornings I could hardly bend my fingers. A great help for me were some arthritis special gloves which I bought from amazon. These compress and warm the fingers, relieve pain and make the hands useful again. Fortunately, having moved to a warm climate, my hands are OK now. I can even play a few notes on the guitar. A couple of years ago, I thought I would never play again. Best of luck. Phil


Thank you Phil, seems to change each day and the tiredness I am experiencing is horrific, glad to hear warmer climates work for you. :)



Just a quick message cos I am off to work soon.

I was just as you describe less than 6 months ago. Wrote something on here about wanting to be back to "normal". All I can say is that the first bit seems to be the worst. It may take a little while but once they get you started on treatment that suits you things will start to improve.

From hardly being able to open a bottle of milk or get up the stairs and thinking life as i knew it was over, am now back at work and life seems to be getting back to " normal".

During that horrible early part I used hot water bottles, heat pads, ice packs,(bag of frozen peas!) just anything that helps get through the time until you see consultant. Try not to do too much, you will be able to catch up on things once you feel better.


Often they will give you a steroid injection at your first appt to tide you over while other drugs kick in. For me, and hopefully for you too, the steroid was like magic......pain gone really quickly and now drugs are kicking in too.

Anyway that was slightly more than quick reply so better get going...

Good luck and try and stay positive xx


Hi Beaches, this is all so new to me and I am struggling to get my head around how to manage it all.. I am a redhead and impatient!! trying to stay positive and thanks for the positive response, I thought I was going mad!! xx


I know exactly how you feel, it's so frustrating not being able to do so many things that we used to take for granted, simple things like hoovering and washing up. My hands kill after hoovering and my husband now does washing up. Just want normal life back, fatigue is as bad as pain if not worse. I've been on Methotrexate but felt really ill with it, going onto injection in couple of weeks hopefully this will help. Hope you and your Rheumy find the combination of drugs that work for you soon.


alipop, I have not seen anyone yet, but I am kind of scared they will say go away and there is nothing wrong, but things keep hurting lots and swelling up... sounds like you and hubby have it sorted, my family are supportive and I know I am lucky, I just want to be able to get through a day without wanting to cry or sleep or have pain!! xx


I can't take anti inflammation drugs either which is frustrating. Apart from when having a ba flare my pain killers control the excess of pain. Hope you get it sorted soon. Stay positive x


Hi Crazyjo, its soo hard too stay positive, I am trying but seem to have OK days, bad days, really bad days (more of the really bad at the moment) I hate the way the pain killers make me feel..... cant wait until Wednesday for my first appointment, my blood sugars are absolutely mental as well!! chin up heh?!! xx


I am always telling people to stay positive even though I struggle myself. We all need to support each other as much as we can on here as it can really help. I hope you can feel a bit better soon, I an relying on my infusion this week to help me as been having a real bad flare the last two weeks x


Hi , am new to this site too but have been following looking for self help medication as am sick of going back an forth to docs chemist . Like you have got ulcers so all my anti inflam tabs have been withdrawn am on a high level of pain killers too but half the time I feel like a zombi but still got the pain . I've had one good day of very little pain since 5th march . I was due to fly back home on 6th but could not walk sit or stand to do the 5 hours on plane by the time I got pain relief seen docs several times my insurance had ran out so have had to pay for everything an I have no one with me to help . Top an bottom of it hon be thankful your in your own home lol . Am lying on bed looking out at the glorious sunshine an I can't get up or down to sit out an I feel like crying too but I do understand how you feel good luck in finding something that gives you an everyday sort of life

Lyn (tenerife) x


Lyn, I am sorry that your having such a horrible time, were you on holiday? hope you manage to make it home soon xx



Welcome to the world of RA.

Sadly we are all the same and have problems One thing you could ask about is a TENS machine and a possible Pain Management Course to assist in you living your life.

When we first start with this complaint it can take a while to get onto the right medications. On the course they will suggest various ways to control your pain.

Discuss with your Specialist and you may be given a chance to attend.

Good Luck



Thanks BOB, that I will do, I just want to feel like me again, and I am really fed up of the sound of my own voice bleeting on about how much this or that hurts or that I am so shattered!! xx


I am 77 years of age and have an appointment with an osteopath tomorrow as I am in such pain apparently caused by my tablets that I take since finishing my treatment for breast cancer. I know it can cause osteosporosis but when given medication to counteract the pain it then causes bowel problems. I was shopping yesterday and pulled a muscle in my back and I am in such pain. I am so fed up with the pain.


Sorry to hear your in pain, hope that they manage to get things sorted for you soon.... xx


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