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Feel so bad these last few days

Hips are unbareable hands are stiff feel yuk. Body is so tired I'm frustrated and don't think I will be in work tomorrow for the first time ...but really need to be there. It some how feels relentless. I have no swelling and never have had I don't know if that's normal. I have had my first appointment with the specialist April 4th . Dr gave me paracetamol and ibuprofen doesn't touch it and makes me fell sick think I will call the dr tomorrow. Also have sorry dry eyes I feel like a hypochondriac .

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No one asking for help on this site is a hypochondriac, you are ill full stop!

Horrid thought trying to get to work tomorrow when you feel so ill. I hope your appointment comes round quickly for you. I would jot down your symptoms in a diary and take picture of any redness or anything unusual for them to see. Also if you get dry mouth, skin and dryness of other areas as some autoimmune illnesses affect joints and give dry eyes but aren't RA eg Sjorgrens just for example. However obviously I isn't no doctor and not suggesting you have above diseases lol but was clumsily trying to say it's best to have a good chat with the doc about what he thinks could be the problem and treat it ASAP!

I hope you manage to get through the day but you can go off sick when you are sick !! Rest up tonight , will think of you tomorrow . X


Thank u



Welcome to our site, we are here to give support and advice, we have a very supportive membership that knows the problems associated with RA

One of RA problems is tiredness, especially if you are in pain, it seems that you need something else to control your pains as Paracetamol can give bad tummies as can some NSID so you may need a change.

Your GP most probably is trying to just hold you until you see the Specialist on the 4 April. although it seems you need a little bit of help now.

One thing, you are not a Hypochondriac, so do not knock yourself down, you have a problem and that needs to be addressed.

God Luck with the GP



Thank u had the symptoms for years but just so much worse at the mo still no idea as to what it is any way thank you hopefully I'll be better :)


Roide,for heavens sake go sick your ILL not a hyprochondriac. Yes Allanah has mentioned Sjorgens and at the moment i am being looked at because of that. YOu need to get to the doctors asap as Allanah has said and you want to do it as soon as your surgery opens darling. Now ring that surgery as soon as you get up and call in sick as well. Hope you get some answers this morning. Hugs for you.xxx


I can sympathize with you and many of us were in the same position before we got sorted with the right meds. Take all the advice we give as we and you are the ex perts when it come to pain we believe in you take a break your body needs it. Hope you feel some relief soon. Carol

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