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Are painful fingertips RA related?

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I have really painful fingertips when typing or using my touch screen phone. I keep my internet use to a minimum and use a stylus as often as possible on my phone. It's really painful and feels like the nerves in the pads rather than the bones. I also work in a shop so using the touch screen till is becoming increasingly painful :-(

5 Replies
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I started to get this a few weeks ago, exactly the same as what you have described. It feels like the skin is hot on the tips of my fingers and they are so sensitive. I presume it's linked and intend to mention it the next time I see the doctor. Clemmie

Thanks for your reply Clemmie. I'm assuming that as you're the only other person with this it may not be related to the ra. I hope you can get some helpful advivce off your gp. x

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I've always assumed it is. I've had times when I've been at work typing very slowly just with my little fingers as they hurt the least. The fact that your pain feels nervy rather than inflammatory makes me wonder if you've got some secondary fibromyalgia going on there. It might be worth seeing your GP as there are meds that can help. x

Thanks Mistymeana I'll ask about that the next time I go to the GP x

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I have experienced that, too. I've wondered if it could be Raynaud's disease. I see my rheumy next week and will ask.

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