Nightmare day and I have to go through it all again!

Hi all, feeling disgruntled and sorry for myself today. I went to hospital yesterday as a day case to have a polyp removed they found while doing their delightful explorations recently. I'd had a pre-assessment a week ago because of the meds and multi conditions etc and saw a lovely nurse. Explained my concerns re how sitting and waiting for hours would exacerbate the joint pain and how lack of hydration could make the sjogrens symptoms worse. She said she couldn't promise anything but would make the clinical team aware and try to get me near the top of the list. I was really pleased to find I was second on the list when I arrived yesterday but that was the only good news of the day. I was decanted into a cubical and given sexy compression socks and a gown that wouldn't do up. Couldn't even get the blooming socks out the bag with crip hands, let alone get them on! managed to get a gown that didn't fall off if I stopped holding it in place and a nice nurse to wrestle the socks on and waited and waited and waited.... Finally my nurse went off to track the surgeons down to see why they'd not been in to see me and was told I'd been bumped to the end of the list. The nurse was lovely and called the anaesthetist to get permission for me to take pain meds and use my saliva spray as by that time my mouth was so dry I was having trouble talking. Eventually saw the surgeon and signed my consent and had more tags fitted and then waited some more. Was getting to the point where the meds had stopped working but I still had another hour before could take more and was nearly crying with pain and boredom when the surgeon reappeared. Thank goodness thinks I, at least I won't feel the pain when I'm under. No such luck! He'd come in to tell me they'd run out f theatre time and were having to send me home and reschedule. By that time I'd been sitting there for almost six hours and hadn't had anything to drink for ten. I just burst into tears - not something I do in public. Luckily my son had elected to go home and wait as it's not that long a journey for him or he'd have as big a waste of time and, as he said, probably would have left in a police car. So now I have to wait for another appointment. The only guarantee they can give me is that it will definitely be done next time but not that I won't have another long wait. Was so stiff and sore by the end I could barely shuffle and my son had to haul me out of the car. To make matters worse, I've been putting off applying for any jobs that might want an early start until after the op so that more delay before I can start earning. Sorry for the long rant but I know my friends here will understand better than anyone else x

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I am afraid this horrible senario happened to me too , four times . I on the last occasion was on the theatre trolley on the way to theatre when the nurse got a pager and turned me back to the ward, I was waiting on neurosurgery , had a specialist nrurosurgical bed waiting with specialist nurse and got turned away for medical cases.

I was crying all the way to the theatre on attempt no 5 in case they turned the trolley around again .

I hope though you are sorted on the next visit. Xxxxx


So sorry to hear you had this happen to you , I know that when your in so much pain you just want to be at home . And to go through all that for nothing must be so frustrating for you . Hope your now feeling more comfortable after such a horrible day and you don't have to wait to long for to have this procedure . Hope next time it's not such a bad experience . Take care sending a gentle hug x


Alllanah 5 times ! That's shocking . I've never had this happen to me . I'm truly shocked to hear that this is happening all to often x


I complained to the chief exec just hot well we had emergencies reply , waste of time!


Reading both your experiences, Allanah&Felicity made me shudder. I hope for both of you next time better. Love & gentle hugs all round. Alison x


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