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Taking methotrexate whilst unwell


I take 10mg methotrexate weekly, no other meds. I've got a really heavy cold, sore throat etc so didn't take methotrexate last week. I've only missed once before in 5 years. I'm still unwell this week so thinking of not taking for a second week, but I've never done this before. Is not taking meds for 2 weeks ok or am I running the risk of undermining all the good work the meds do for me?

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I've had a bad cold this week and took mine. Just made me more tired than usual.

The rule my Rheumy gave me but of course yours may not agree is if you have an infection, chest infection throat infection then don't take it. If it's a virus it's generally ok to take it but of course it's best to check with pharmacist .

I have omitted mine with a chest infection for s couple of weeks. Don't know if it made a difference as I felt very ill with the infection and my joints always flare when I'm sick anyway ! I'd give the chemist a quick ring to clarify xxx


The MTX reduces the efficiency of your immune system so you need to stop the medication and let the body recover and fight the condition.

If you have any doubts call your RA Nurse or GP, they will confirm the action you need to take.


You'd be wise to contact your Rheumy nurse helpline I think as we can't say only share experiences & that's so personal to each of us. My Rheumy's of the opinion if it's a common cold continue on MTX but if it goes on my chest, which it always does as it's a weak spot for me, take antibiotics & then only stop injecting if i'm prone in bed.

I generally find if I go 2-3 weeks without injecting I start having problems so I try my best to keep moving!

Hope it doesn't hang around but definitely phone the helpline so you know for the future if you need the stop it.


Good question for the help line. Cheers Doreen

I have never been advised to not take MTX, even while battling pneumonia.

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That's worrying Karen77. I carried on taking mine when I had a chest infection a few years ago and when my rheumy found out she hit the roof and told me I could've died!

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Eep! That's scary!

I had tonsilitis and was told to stop taking mtx to help my body recover. I missed three weeks and it did start to flare up a bit in my joints but I'd had tonsilitis for a month beforehand and had to do something to shift it

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