adding another damard arghhhhhhh

hi all i had a flare in november nurse very good and i had depo jab wore of 2 weeks ago. saw conultant last wednesday .i had stopped takingg my sulphazine because of side effects .she told me to strat sulpha again but stop at level thats suits me continue with methotroxate full whack and told me to read leaflet on lefo which she said she would strt soon ,she also gave me 5 weeks script of predsilone which is great, does anyone else use 3 damards is this normal just getting fed up with all meds

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  • every depo injection ive had only lasts about 5 weeks depends what jab maybe good luck

  • I am on 3 dmards: Mtx, Hydroxy & Sulpha since july last year. I got diagnosed 12 months ago. I am having days of pain, tiredness, since just after Christmas. Its getting me down now. My hands are hurting so much, & now having a lot of pain in my knees, I certainly feel it after my shift at work! I hope things will settle down for you, x

  • ty i just thought alot of tabs but consultant thinks neede so hey ho i was getting face swelling and dizzy on sulpha so stopped but she says i have to continue so ill try ty hope you feel better soon weather a prob

  • Hi I am on the same as you and had to see my GP last week as still in a lot of pain and she put me on prednisone for 4 weeks to see if that helps, will let you know how I get on.


  • yes hospital put me on preds last week interesting that docs can prescribe preds will contact doc in future if need them ty for you help im on them at mo but eat eat lol

  • ty yes ive been just over a year now i had to give up work

  • I'm on 3 too. Although I now take MTX by injection so it's cut the pills down to only about 80 a week! Before I got RA I think it would take me 10 years to use 80 pills....

    I comfort myself with research reports that seem to show that combined therapy (ie more than 1 DMARD) is likely to give me a better outcome than just asking one.

  • ty helix yes its alot of tabs to time and get down in a day isnt it then causes toilet because of drinkink water lol

  • Was on the 3 you mention for a while but stopped sulphazaline due to severe stomach pains. Been on humeria for several years now and much much better control of RA for me.

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