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Cures/ treatment for mouth ulcers?

hi everyone, I am having bad case of ulcers on Tongue, not sure if it's because increased back up my mtx this week, but very sore, to date I have triedrinsing with salt and water, bonjela, anbesol, cordesyl, still sore, I must say though because they are in my mouth, I am biting and teasing them and making matters worse. Any advise welcome???? Also drinking lots of water, very uncomfortable n painful urg....

I have found good home for my foster dog Libby, 3 dogs has been tiring but rewarding :) good distraction from my own ails..

sso be bk to HU soon:)


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I have the same problem, folic acid every day apart from methotrexate day. I was also advised to use antiseptic mouth wash which did help a bit. Otherwise it seems you just have to grin and bear it.


I put orobase on mine. It can be prescribed or you can buy it over the counter. It's a bit sticky but does protect the ulcers while they are healing up. Also I find it helps to keep my mouth as clean as I can, no food bits left around the teeth after meals,I use a mouth wash and brush my teeth often. Keeping the mouth clean seems to reduce the pain of the ulcers.

But in the end I had to reduce the methotrexate because I couldn't even talk properly and only managed to eat soft stuff. It was just too much (especially the problem talking....)


Hi I use corsodly daily evn when no ulcers just trying to prevent them forming. I used bongela and as summer advised liquid anbesol. I take folic acid 5times per week but still get red spots in mouth. My dentist told me on thursday that the spots are the beginning of ulcers. They disappear after a few days so folic acid must be working. Talk to your rheumy he/she may be able to help. XxX


Hi Gina

How are you I'm sorry not been on very much but battling with forms and making descions see my blog decided to give up work it's a year now, anyhow ulcers, i use an anti biotic mouthwash listerene has one slightly cheaper tha corsydol, I have also found dry mouth wash boots own make it makes your feel softer and does ease the pain of ulcers, touching wood they have left me alone for a while I think it must be the dry mouth thats doing it. have you had anemia I forget if I asked that before I've now had 2 lots of 2 pints of blood, but the people that donated it obviously haven't had enough spinach or guiness as my blood count is not going up very quickly if at all.

The only other thing I thought of was a glass of brandy or whisky sloching it around stings to start with the numbs them or enough booze and you've forgotten you had ulcers lol

LOTs of hugs

tricia Pxx


Hey Gina,

Have you tried gargling with a bit of sesame oil? (Cold pressed - tastes really nutty) You just swill it around your mouth for 2mins every morning. (unless you have nut allergies then dont use it at all)

I've also used unrefined coconut oil for ulcers in the past, and I dont get them anymore. You should be able to find the coldpressed sesame oil in the supermarket. The Unrefined coconut oil is harder to find. ( I bought mine online)



Thanks for all the answers. Will try some of them sesame oil is news to me , also Tricias suggestion Dry mouth wash, gargling with whiskey sounds better than cordsyl or saline.

Anyway, thanks a mil for advise, Gina.

Ps. Pic is of my foster dog Libby, an Irish Terrier, she had to be shaved as coat was very neglected. :(


Difflam mouth wash, and anbesol liquid x


Thanks Julie, have the anbesol liquid. Is Difflam better than cordysl then?


I suffer too, my dentist is great and sugggested rinsing with sage infusion - I haven't tried it as mine cleared up, but I will next time!

Also try a toothpaste that hasn't got laurel sulphates in - apparently the drugs most of us are can cause reactions!

Hope that helps,



I was advised by my rheumy nurse many years ago, when I first started on Mtx., to double up my daily dose of vitamin C tablets for a few days - this has worked for me each time I have had ulcers in my mouth.

At one time I had an ulcer on the inside, lower part of the pink bit of my eye-lid (don't know or cant think of what it's called) it was so sore and watering so much I had to come home from work. Anway, when I got home I took an extra vit. C tablet and within hours the ulcer in my eye had gone. I didn't have any optrex in the house at that time. I don't know if it was the vit. c tablet or if it was just it's time to go as I've not had it since to try it on again.

Hope you find a remedy which suits you.



Thanks Judi, I have an eyelid one too . Will start vit c today. Thanks, g


I get really large and painful ulcers and most treatments sting too much to use but I have found a spray called aloclair plus which has proved to be a life saver, especially for the ulcers towards the back of my throat. My pharmacist also told my to take vitamin d and this seems to have reduced the frequency of ulcers.

I hope you find something that works for you .



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