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This & that!

The results from my bone density showed that I don't have osteo poreosis so that's good news which probably means the back is due to OA :(

I'm still waiting for a date for my knee replacement which had been planned for Oct/Nov - I'm way over the 18 weeks as the main theatres at the hospital were closed for 5 weeks! I've written to see if they are going to do any "catch up" at the local private hospital but haven't heard back.

Last night I somehow managed to hurt my shoulder doing an every day action - I heard 3 very loud crunches & was unable to use the shoulder because of the pain. I had a very bad night so saw the GP this morning. She thinks I've wrenched something (could have told her that!) but has given me some Naproxen & Voltarol gel to use. It means I can't do very much, no knitting or wrapping presents or cooking!

I hope it improves soon!

Hope you all have a happy & pain free Christmas.

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Hi Pauline, whilst happy you don't have osteoporosis, I'm so sorry that you are in so much pain. It's awful when you wrench something just doing normal things. I had a fall last Saturday. Landed on my knee which is bruised, then toppled onto my left hand and wrist which felt sprained for several days. So I can fully sympathise with you. I hope you manage to still get some joy from Christmas. Sending very gentle hugs. Kath xxx


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