My partner asked me...

.... yesterday "What's the pain like? how would you describe it?" Well, I said... where do i start!! lol x

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  • Tell him it's like you have broken every joint!!!! Lol x

  • haha! Exactly that! Do you feel feverish with it sometimes aswell? xx

  • like you been beaten all over with a baseball bat x

  • lol! and that Kizzy12 x

  • While we're on the subject.. any of you ever get a warm tingling sensation on the top of your feet? x

  • Yes, warm, tingling and sometimes stinging. Weird!

  • Hi Phoebe, it's very weird! Don't last for long though :-/

  • I remember when I was young, my grandmother said "I've got toothache in my knees". We laughed at the time, but now I know exactly what she meant!!

  • So true...never ending different kinds of pain...I'm either too hot feel like I've been hit by a bus...dull ouch prick zaps...too cold...fever...flu like symptoms and the list goes on just like the pain....Nicola x x x

  • Hello

    Try to explain in a little song, so you will remember and not forget the effected joints. SET TO THEM BONES THEM BONES.

    Seriously it is very difficult to explain pain to a person who has no understanding of a condition that is not really seen by them. You can use the Pain Council number range 1-10 where ten is where you are clambering up the walls and back down again

    All the best


  • I tell people I feel like I have the flu. Right now I'm flared up. Hands and wrist are swollen, muscles twitching and pulling. It's unreal all the things you go through.

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