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Volunteers Needed!

Hello HealthUnlockers!

We are looking for members of the community to help test a few new features that are under development.

We would need 30 minutes of your time on Tuesday, 10th of December at our London Bridge office. Meetings are available between 10am – 4pm.

The task will include navigating around the website and providing feedback based on your experience.

Due to the short notice and length of time required this opportunity might best suit members who live or work locally. Reasonable travel expenses will, of course, be covered.

If you are interested please email

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Sorry, I live in Ireland so I'm of no use to you.....Jean.


Too far for me. Sorry


Hiya! I may be able to do it. I work near London Bridge on a Tuesday & Wednesday (New Globe Walk, Bankside).

Should be able to get away for a bit - do I need to arrange a time beforehand or can I do it on Tuesday?


I would have loved to have participated but didn't receive the e-mail. Can you let me know when it went out please?


Ahh sorry only just caught up with my E-mails..


i a m so sorry i couldnt of made it on 10th december but i would be interested in the future if i can help in any Happy New Year to all x


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