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National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (NRAS) has received the following request and thought what a great way for raising the public awareness of RA in partnership with Pain UK.

Pain UK has been approached by the BBC about a new show. It will be a health television series for BBC1 that will follow a GP, as he immerses himself in the lives of British families. The families they are looking for need one or more members to be suffering with a long term health issue, and chronic pain is one of many complex long term conditions they are interested in.

The average GP appointment in the UK is only 8-10 minutes, so the aim is to see what affect our doctor can have on the health of a family with a more personal, tailored and one on one approach during a series of health visits done in the comfort of their very own home.

If you are or anyone you know is interested please contact the studio on 0203 040 6903 (standard charges apply and they can call you/them straight back to save your phone bills) or alternatively email them at

If you do become involved please let NRAS know on its great to see our members making the most of every opportunity.

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This could help as I feel as a patient you are not seen as a whole. GP won't discuss your rheumatology problems, state phone the Rheumy team. Speak to the rheumatologist about anything other than the RA and it's see your GP. Nobody treats the full you


ditto. It's not about treating you as a whole person anymore. If they did would save the NHS, as a whole, a bundle of cash. Spend money to save money. grumble tory self interested cutbacks grumble grumble privatisation grumble grumble :O :D


eh? a show promoting how GPs haven't the time, because of cutbacks, to help patients??? GPs will not come out to patients now so don't get the point..

grumpy day today.


another grumble.

It's a well known fact that when you are treated properly as one used to be when GPs KNEW who you were, gave home visits 24 hours per day, a patient recovers quicker and pain levels are easier to cope with. So what's the point of the programme?

Need to know more?

Has this anything to do with privatisation ??? If so will be blimmin angry.

You can't even get an appointment now unless it is an emergency which if so you are told to phone ambulance. If not you may get a GP pphoneback to decide whether it is important enough to be seen. They havn't a clue who you are, haven't read your notes then the nusual question 'what would you like to happen?' crazy. Makes you feel qorse than ever.

That's what nurses used to have time to do in hospitals :(



If there is benefit to people with "PAIN" problems and the BBC series can help these people then I am al for it. There was a programme where the GP lived in the house to do the programme!. to me GP's are interested in getting into TV to make money or advertise their service. After many TV programme I look for contact details and have sent emails asking questions, so far no one came back with any response.

Food as medicine is what our GPs need to do.

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I did send an email to this address ( ) and got an out of office response!!!!


I am about to head out of the office but will check this and find out if they are still recruiting people for this programme.


Yes, I've just seen that too, it comes up as out of office but if you read the full email it gives you the opportunity to express interest and it tells you a lot more about the programme they are planning. If you are interested you can fill in your details on the email and send it back to them. They have obviously had a great response to the appeal.


I agree many response, will wait for the programme to come out.


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