Saw consultant today

And he has changed my MTX to Sulphasalazine to see how this suits me. He is still not convinced I have RA except for the fact that I have inflammation and swelling in my hands, as seen on the ultra sound scan. My bloods are not showing this, so he says it's sero negative RA, for the moment.

He seems to think that a lot of pain could be due to my fibromyalgia, I have to up the dose of my pregabalin from 150mg per day to 200, I have tried this before up to 300mg, but they just made me a zombie, will try the new dose and see what happens.

It's all getting to me now, the pain is excruciating in my hands, I just can't seem to get any relief. I can't take strong pain meds so I am left with paracetamol. I so hope the Sulphasalazine works for me.

Sorry for the moan, cheesed off with it all


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  • Hi Titchyj, sorry to hear what's happening with you, I used to get a lot of pain in my hands to I know it sounds mad but I used to use a hair dryer on mine I felt the heat really worked for me also used to put them in hot water for a while that did help short term I know but sometimes you just want instant relief for a while. Hopefully the sulfasalazine will work for you I to was once on it but unfortunately reacted to it but as I recall it worked for a while. I wish you luck with it and hope it starts to work for you, if it does not there are many meds to try. xxxxx

  • Thanks Bazzypants for your reply, you are right about the hot water, it really does help, but very short lived, I have very hot hands too and the palms are very red, as are the soles of my feet, I think I will try the hair dryer too. I have got splints which help quite a bit, but they do get sweaty after a while and uncomfortable. Here's hoping for some relief soon.

    Thanks again


  • Hi there I am sorry to read that you aren't getting any relief with your meds, I too have the red hot hands and burning feet, not nice, wishing you well.

  • Thank you denvajade for your reply, your right the red hot hands and feet are a real pain.


  • Hi, what about the hot wax baths for your hands? There are small home ones available at Argos for about £40 if the hospital physio department can't do them for you. Can you ask your rheumatologist to be referred for this, to physio. The wax hand treatments have always worked wonders for me and others here sing their praises. xx

  • Thanks Neonkitty59, I haven't had one of these, but have read how good they are, will ask Rheumy nurse about them.


  • Yes they are so soothing and hope the rheumy can refer you to physio for them.

  • Hi I have sero negative RA too! Despite a hugs family history of RA it doesn't show in my RA factor but my blood inflammation is high. My scans also show inflammation. My rheumies point of view is your are in pain, you have swollen joints , I will use this as a preliminary diagnosis and treat you the same as anyone with RA! The main thing is you are on the disease modifying drugs to help prevent joint damage. I hope the sulphasalasine is good for you, think that's the one that gives you yellow wee!

    Good ideas for hand pain from everyone else xxthinking of you x

  • Thanks Allanah, yes your right about it giving your wee a yellow/orange colour, brightens up the day a bit!!!! As for my bloods they are all normalish.


  • Shall we call you mellow yellow xx

  • Quite rightly!!lol

  • Don't worry about yellow/orange urine, Titchyj .. you get used to it! Mine wasn't too coloured. I took Sulpha for ten years and it was a very good med for me.

  • Thanks neonkitty59 for your reply, I won't worry about the colour of my wee and hope Sulpha works for me.


  • It's a small pirce to pay . .glo in the dark wee!! .. for the benefits Sulpha can and do bring. No it's not glo in the dark really . just noticeably orange-y. I am sure it will turn your problems around. xx

  • Oh yes I am in the yellow wee clubxx my urine samples are glo sticks xx im negative but have psoriatic so thats usual xx

  • Thanks norfolkjo for replying, just hope the Sulpha works for me.


  • aww you made me smile ... glostcks! You get used to it don't you then when I came off it it went back to normal very quickly. xx

  • Hope you get some relief from Sulfa. I too am sero neg and Sulfa has been brilliant for me.

    Carolyn x

  • Thanks all for the replies, glad it works for you Carolyn hope it does for me, as for the colour of my wee, I don't care if it's blue as long as it works. Mellow yellow sounds good Allanah.


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