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Anyone else very stiff at the moment? I am sure the cold does not help!

Despite the Humira and MTX I am stiff and achy all the time. Ranges from just 'slightly stiff' to the full-on 'can't quite stand up straight stiff' or walk easily. I can never remember if this happens to me each year when it gets colder. It does wear off at points in the day only never completely, and if I sit down I have to unstiffen all over again. SO frustrating.

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Hello BOB here


It is nice to know that someone else suffers the same I can set my watch to it each year, it must be due to the cold damp days of November December. Some people say that you imagine it. To me it is very real

It really begins to get bad from December through to beginning April seems to flare same times every year as well

Wrap up well



I'm dying ! didnt wash for 4 days I stock in comuter chair for most of the last week , whole body I cand walk I cant reach fork to my mouth right hand not working atall , I did call reumathology Help line useless I did contact my hospital ofcourse You just live messag so I did , main Nurse phone me 12 h later just to tell me they fully booked for thursday (today) and will call me when I CAN VISIT THEM . I dont know what the hell I have to dooo man THANKS GUY'S HOSPITAL !


Know just what you mean, Pands. Asked my Rheumy nurse about it and she said it is quite common amongst her patients!!


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