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esr rising

Hi me again !!! This site is so fantastic for any concerns anyone has and sometimes reassurance and an answer to any worries so here goes.... I am still feeling good with my joints but I have noticed my esr is rising as the last 3 monthly blood tests have shown from 9 -12 has sat at 7-8 for a this cause for concern do you think even though I don't feel any different yet ? Or shall I just see how it goes ? Thanks so much for any answers I am grateful. Love Michelle x

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Hello BOB here

The GP and the Specialist will be keeping an eye on it, also kidneys and liver, basically they thought there was something wrong they would soon let you know.

There is always a chance that the kidneys and liver function can become low and the white blood count will drop to floor level, this would effect you immune system, although you seem to be managing fine.


If you are not happy with regard to the Methotrexate, you can always have words with the GP, Sometimes after your blood tests have words with Him/Her anyway it will always put your mind at rest.

When taking these DMARDS it is a good idea to touch base with the GP and hospital to put your mind at rest

All the best



Hi thankyou both,yes I know esr is inflammation and its an indicator of how active the disease is,its still quite low but I think methotrexate maybe losing effect,well that's what I'm worried about.liver kidneys etc all fine its just the esr.if it goes up nxt month again I think I will ring my rheumy nurse for advice.maybe mtx might need upping a bit,I thought they would have rung me really as its 3 months on trot its risen.but maybe still low not too worry too much for now. Thanks Michelle x


Ye you can ask the nurses, r u on top dose of mtx ? If not they might Increase but I think they also judge on how u r joint wise so if your esr is rising but u feeling ok then they may not think it's significant And it can I believe be affected by colds flus etc , ?

Worth chatting about. , some docs after a while might Also consider dual treatment Ie two dmards , but it generally takes a while for the drugs to fully kick in so they might just ask u to wait and be patient! And my esr is always well above 12. ! Oh and there are great explanations of the blood tests and results on the main NRAS page xxxxxcxc


Allanah I'm on 17.5 mg oral tablets.i started on 15 mg but added another tablet in January,been on this since February with great results.fingers crossed xxx


Ye hope it does the job!


Hello Shell have a check with the nurse/ rheum I mean it is still relatively low I would have thought. Doesn't necessarily mean it is starting to not work. Could be a temp blip/something else minor. xx


Hi thankyou for ur replies,I'm a bit worried but I think as my joints feel ok hopefully they will leave me alone lol !!hopefully your right and it's just a blip I will keep an eye on it thanks everyone xxx


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