Just a little moan

Had to have operation on my eye for droopy eye lid, on Friday. The eye is quite bruised and swollen, but not too painful. The worst pain is in the rest of my body because of having to lay flat and still on the operating table for 45 minutes, whilst they did the op, with me awake. I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis in hands, knees and feet, possible rheumatoid too, still being checked out for that one, so all muscles and joints are very tender and painful today. They took my BP before the op and because I was so stressed with anticipation of what was going to happen, it had shot up to 187/105 and that was a few hours after taking my BP meds!!!!

Anyway, that's my moan for the day sorry and thanks for listening.


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  • Aww poor you, hope you feel better very soon and they are keeping a very close " eye" on you , hugs Axx

  • Like the pun, I have to go back on the 7th Nov for check up. Thanks for your reply.


  • Glad it's over for you, try and have a good rest xx

  • ouch thats not so good hope you soon feel better

    Jen x

  • Thanks all for your good wishes, will be resting today and rest of week, I'm feeling a little better today, but still very stiff and a nice shiner of an eye.


  • How u feeling now? Bit bruised. ?

  • Hope you feel better soon x

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