Hi jystsigned up to this sight. I take 20mg mtx for psoroiatic and rhu arthitis. Can I take ibuprofen jell on hands as still so painfull

I have been on mtx for over 1yr but at liwer dose and have jyst been diag with pso arth /ra and they hVe increased from 17.5 to 20mg buthave to say psin is still bad with stabbing type in my hands hence quest re ibu gell. ANY help is appreciated. Thx

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  • BOB here


    I have now suffered psoriatic arthritis now for over thirty years, It took then at least four years to find out what it was.

    Over the years I have taking DMARDS in all types and all have made me sick, Now I am waiting to take methotrexate injections to see if that works

    The use of rubs should be ok as long as the skin is not effected

    All the best


  • Thx Bob. I have suffered psoriasis flareups at varous bad period in my life, the most recent when husband had a stoke totally out of the blue and our lives have changed forever and I am now a carer and not a wife as I knew it. Icame out badly with a flareup and have been on mtx fir that but since the last 6/9 mths my whole body seems to have been attacked. Im in so much psin esp hands and hips. A scan did show a lot of inflamation and they tried steroid inj 6 mths ago but feel I amgetting worse. Hence my ques re ibbupfo gell. Sorry to go onand on but feeling in a low place just now. Sorry! But thx for your ear and help

  • Ask your doctor, but I don't see why they shouldn't let you. You aren't meant to use it if you are already taking full doses of ibuprofen or other NSAIDs, but so little of the gel ends up in your blood stream that its unlikely to affect your liver anywhere near as much as the pills do.

    But, the big thing is that your disease obviously isn't yet under good control. When do you next see the rheumatologist to discuss your treatment? If its not for a while, can you ask your GP to try and get you an earlier appointment?

  • Are you taking oral ibuprofen as well? Because if you are you need to be careful not to exceed the combined max dosage between the oral and rub. And be careful of any broken skin. If you are in extreme pain you might be able to alternate ibuprofen with paracetamol so that you get two spikes or relief from different analgesics but you should check with your doctor first

  • Thx Bob and I hope they get you the right treatment. At one point I was 60% c

    overed with with plaques and the mtx tabs have sorted that. However the pa/RA us totally different for me.Earthwitch and pb52 I will certainly be asking my gp. Although we have re named our gp Dr Mmmm But I have to say this has been a long weekend for pain. My next rhumy appt is Nov but I feel im getting more pain everyday, pushing a wheelchair is hopeless. Sorry everyone feel im just moaning and you all have same/similar problems I will ring the nurses tomorrow tho. Thx for advice. Good luck to you all too

  • Hello if in doubt phone your rheumatology helpline. It is important not to take other nsaids if you are already on one .gps arent as good with these things id rather talk to a rheumy nurse or doc take care. x

  • Thx kitty kat I will take your advice. Many thx for taking yourtime to reply its appreciated. I will report back tomorrow. X

  • Yes do let us know how you get on. It must be so hard for you to cope with uncontrolled RA and caring for your husband. I hope you get some relief soon Rx

  • Always check with rheumy team or gp, before trying something for the first time.

    If rememember my pharmacology ibro is para/aspirin. You are limited to how much paracetamol you can take in a 24 hr period. Also you shouldn't mix para products.

    If in doubt always seek medical advice!!!!!

    Good luck

    Joanne x

  • ibuprofen is a straight NSAID (non steroidal antiinflammatory drug) Joanne - doesn't contain any paracetamol or aspirin, though there are other combination drugs out there.

  • Oops I goofed sorry you are correct. I have confused with another drug combination.

    Joanne x

  • Thx Rosie_rabbit. Sorry to have let it all out tonight especially as im a new member but it just came out and I jyst pressed send! IM SURE OTHERS ARE FAR WORSE THAN ME, but jyst today I gave in to self pity...it, s a bit selfish of me so very very sorry to all and as far as my husband is concerned i should not be so selfush as his life will never ever be the same again... oh dear here I go again....sorry,

  • Joy Joy joy, that is really what we are here for. There is always someone worse off than anyone but its how you feel right now that counts. This is the place to moan and let it all out and let us be kind to you, share our experiences and offer support.

    I've been posting about the horrors of clearing out for a colonoscopy I have tomorrow and I know that's not really awful compared to most of the things that get discussed on here but it's unpleasant, my husband was being a bit thoughtless and everyone has really helped me tonight. Rally take care and indulge yourself in self pity now and again xxxx

  • Good luck today Rosie_rabit will be thinking of you. X

  • Thanks Joy, I hope you're feeling a bit better today xx

  • Hi how r you doing? Hope all went ok? Its all right me wallowing in self pity you must now

    w be relieved its over or is this the beginning

  • Hi Joyp, I can fully emphasise with you as I have PsA and Psoriasis, so I can fully understand where you are coming from. As others have said always check with the medical staff or your local pharmacist before introducing any extra medication just in case it clashes or over dose yourself. When I was on MTX I started to take an over the counter medication that I had in my cupboard not knowing that it clashed until I went to purchase some more and it was my Pharmacist that told me of the clash. So do take their advice in the first instance.

    As to your pain and inflammation you can always contact your hospital rhumy team and request that you see someone sooner, especially if you have a specialist nurse, it is not until you get the right mixture of medication that you see a significance in any swelling and pain, unfortunately this takes time. With the help of your GP stronger painkillers can be administered, but that will obviously depend on how much compas mentos that you need to be as a carer for you husband.

    With regards to being a full time carer for your hubby have you registered yourself at your doctors surgery and your local council. That way the council may be able to give you some support and the GP surgery will enable you to have quicker appointments, double appointments and alongside the ones your husband requires. This is what happens with my parents as my mum is my dad's full time carer, and her surgery always make sure any appointments for her are dealt with pretty sharpish.

    Apologies for a long answer, you can always pm me if you would like to talk off forum. xxx

  • Please do register as a carer with your GP, I am in the same boat, my husband had a stroke nearly 5 years ago but I only have ra. I needed help with his morning care routine as my stiff and painful hands wouldn't perform to order, best thing I did. Good luck! Xx

  • Evening all I hope everyone has had a good day, despite the weather! With regards to me being my husbands carer, I was recorded on his discharge from hospital record that I was his carer and that has followed through to our surgery. However in the wee small hrs there is only me so I have to manage. My psoriatic/ra was only given diagnosis after me complaing to my gp for 2 years but in the last 9mths he must have got fed upand he referred me to the consutant who made the disgnosis by looking at my joints and having a scan of my hands which show the extent of inflamation and also multiple duprutrens conjecture. I had a course of steroid injections but this has not worked sonot sure where I go from here but they have me on 20mg mtx but I still have bad pains so I will have to see what they do now! Reading all your comments makes me worried seems I have a fight ahead.....do not know if I canbe bothered to fight......seems like ive been doing battle in behslf if my hubby let alone me...

  • Update. Well what a year it has been.......lots of consultations, xrays, trying diff meds so now I am on 20mg mtx, 200mg eve & 200mgnight hydro and 2 mths into humia once a fortnight. I continue with deep buttock/hip pain that wakes me several times at night and my fingers knuckles and toes give me stabbing pains on an off throughout the day........not sure when inext see rhummy as at ladt meeting they said they willgive the humia a chance to workthen they will be in touch. Maybe I have to be more patient.....or should I say a better patient! Does anyone know where I will be going from here.....feel quite low withit all. I know there's no miracle cure but I get depressed with all the meds I am taking........hoped my symptoms would have improved more than this by now. Anyone got any idea's? One bit of good news I applied for pip and was awarded it. First time ive been out of work fir 45 years!!!! Very sad to end up like this. Sorry to moan so much theres others so muchworse than me I know x

  • Hiya justjoy54. I'm sorry I can't help with your question but pleased you've been awarded PIP.

    I noticed nobody had answered your question & it may be because, if I'm correct, you seem to have 2 usernames (if you are joyp, the name of the poster). Maybe if you copy & paste your question again as a new message it will remind & alert members who replied to your original post & you'll receive replies.

    I hope this helps you & you get lots of useful info.

  • Hi nomoreheels, well I think you are right as hardly ever get a response

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