Shoulder impinged August 20th any help welcome

Has anyone else impinged their shoulder in an accident?

Mine is very painful at present and cannot even hold anything. Went back to GP who this time has referred me to Physio. He did say "I might never get it back to be able to hold my arm above my head again". Two weeks ago I went to a different GP who merely said "well you do tai chi just carry on with that". GP today did say "he could see the arthritis on the x-ray. well so can I and not a pretty sight.

Utterly fed up with the pains and it is horrid. No pain killers as I can't have them [allergic to most]. Any help welcome

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  • This happened to mine the restricted movement got that bad I could only move the arm 15 degrees from the body couldn't drive or touch my head ended up having surgery hemi-surface shoulder replacement 3 months of Physio all pain free now still have slight restricted movement but can drive and touch my head I hope this helps


  • Have been doing my Tai chi but not to the point of creating real bad pain. Little niggles one has to get through. But today it is horrid on the top and side of the should nearer the armpit and of course that is where I impinged. Hope I don't have to have an op. Terrified of needles etc and nurses and doctors after having some tests in 1992 that were not the ones I went for and I am still having nightmares if I think of doctors. [skin allergy tests caused so much pain I lost almost 2 stone in three days and they never ever have tested for what I went for and was told I was having].

  • I had an impingment 5 years ago and ended up with an op for decompression of my AC joint and shoulder blade. Sadly the consultant who normally would have used keyhole surgery had to open it fully but it was too calcified (rhumatic) to make alot of difference but it has given me a little relief. Now have lumps and bumps all over along with pain. My case was unusual apparently usually this op is 98 % sucessful. I hope you find some relief very soon as I know how painful and frustrating this is.

  • Thank you Trish, I had an argument between my mobility scooter and a shop window. Nothing damaged apart from me. I am still hoping my tai chi will help me. The amount of arthritis can easily be seen on the xray.

  • Whoops hope you soon feel better. What won the scooter or the window?

  • neither were damaged. Only me. The xray clearly shows the deltoid in a U shape.

  • Sorry to hear that. Sounds like mine the muscle didn't tear but kept being pinched with the excess rhumatic nodules and giving a lot of pain. Heat and ice alternately applied was what a physio told me .Best of luck ,hope it soon feels less painful.

  • Thanks Trish. Fortunately I have good massage folk, whom many I have trained. One has over 20 years experience of massage and 14 of me. Tai chi also helps. But not all totally so physio it is. Two weeks ago the GP said "not sending you to physio you know what to do and your tei chi". Went to a nicer one this Thursday [my opinion] who is sending me. Complementary medicine is fine and I use it a lot but cannot say it always works. One has to keep a balance between the two. Tendon seems to be stretched and two lumps in the arm of muscles. They can't be got out with complementary medicine.

  • I am being given acupuncture via my pain consultant fingers crossed it works as well as my last time 10 years ago. Sounds like its not what you know but who! Lol enjoy your massage. I tried tai chi but find it hard to be on my legs these days glad it works for you.

  • I have chairs so people sit or stand according to how they feel. Blessings to you and trust you can keep out of pain as afar as possible. Thanks for your support.

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