Any help!!!

Just filling in the dreaded PIP forms. I've had a car for nearly 30 years which I think I'll loose but fingers crossed.

Any how. Got some paperwork off my GP and a few interesting things I've noticed on them.

I was sent to a Rheumatoid Doctor in July 2015. On the letter it says that my ESR was raised at 27, CRP 27 Rheumatoid factor 53. From tests my GP did

The Rheumatoid Doctor then states that he thinks that I did not have rheumatoid. Don't think he ever looked at me when he was talking to me apart from when he examined me. Had x-rays of hands & feet, blood tests for anti-CCP& repeated blood tests including serum urate.

In September 2015 I went for a review & saw the nurse. According to the letter I do have a positive Rheumatoid Factor & the bloods showed a raised Platelet count of 619 but ESR was normal at 8. CRP was <5. Anti CRP was negative.

The x-rays came back as showing I have OA. The doctor is convinced it is all OA related.

This is all interesting new stuff to me & I would be grateful if anyone could explain have I or have I not got RA or is it just OA


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Hi Hi, Benefits and work , is really good with tips for PIPs, and tell them how your effected by your illnesses as they don't care what you call your illness is it's how it effects your day to day living, and they are bad 7 days a week.

Best of British.



You may have both.. A sincere good luck with it all though. If you put the abreviations into Google it will tell you the meanings.


Thanks will have a go in the morning if I manage to get some sleep.


I am just doing the same now. It is so hard, i have both RA AND OA. i had my knee done due to the OA. i am on medication for RA. After seeing doctors and consultants for years, i got to the stage that i could not cope with it all, my Gp is not really any good. I have put in all the copy of my hospital letters. I don't think i will get it. I have been on DLA for 17 years. I did join the Benefits and Work which is really good. Doctors see you for 10min at one time, your just a number to them. Good Luck Flower. We need it. xx


From what you say the levels do not indicate RA so unless he has some other auto immune indicator i can understand him saying OA rather than RA, but thats just letters, the PIP form you are completing is concerning how you are and how you cope but having an OA diagnosis will on no way reffect the outcome of your claim. If you have had Motability for 30 years why would you assume now you wont qualify for PIP mobility component?. If your mobility is affected you just need to get advice from CAB or one of the online sites as the best way to present your case.


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Having RA predisposes to OA, hence why some people have hip and knee replacements.


There is a good Facebook forum for Dla, Pip and ESA. Lots of good info


I went through this in November. Please get a copy of the Nras booklet on how to fill in the forms. You have to be extremely detailed!

Arthritis care also have one

I lost my car after 22 years but gained more personal care because I really struggle to cook, dry myself after shower, open meds, sometimes get off the loo, wipe my bottom.

Remember to write about your worst days.


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