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Flu vaccine and pneumo vac

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At the beginning of this disease I knowing was told I would be offered both, or at least told I had to get them....my question is- when is the best time?. Should I be asking for these now?

Thanks in advance

17 Replies
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Hi Poppylady,

I think that now is ideal time to get both vaccines.you only need to have the pneumo vac once and the flu vac once a year.

I have got my flu jab booked for this weekend. Good luck


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Have it! Good luck

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My surgery doesn't get them in until mid October, and after then they have a regular Monday walk in clinic that you can go to if you are on the list. So ask what the approach is in your surgery as they're each a bit different.

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Our surgery does flu vaccine in October each year think this is the norm for most gps xx

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Just had my flu jab on Tuesday. As previous poster said check with surgery that you are on the list, they will be happy to add you as they have targets to meet in vaccinating vulnerable groups. By the way the pneumonia vaccine is a one off as far as I know. This one can leave your arm a bit stiff and sore for a few days.

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I go to Boots to have my flu jab each year and have never had a problem getting it, until last year when the Pharmacist said she could not give it to me because of my RA and the drugs I was on. I pointed out I've never had a problem before after 10 minutes haggling she gave it to me. When I had my RA clinic last month I asked my RA doctor if it was ok to have flu jab and he said absolutely he recommened it. So next month hopefully I wont have the same battle.

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Your GP should be giving this to you and not having to pay for it at Boots.

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It seems to be the norm for Gps to vaccinate around October, I have mine every year as Im asthmatic, but had Pneumonia jab just after I was diagnosed with RA this Jan. which is a one off jab, I think it lasts 10 years, but could be wrong on that one. rie x

Thank you for all the replies - will check with my GP surgery on Monday

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I had my flu jab yesterday at doctors free but only because of my asthma, not the RA they insist that's not on there list and so refuse to give me the pneumonia jab :(

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I am on biologics so perhaps that makes the difference

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Scottishlad in reply to jenwight

Methotrexate or biologics will put you on the list but RA on it's own won't.

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I'd check in with your GP surgery to see if you are on their list for the flu jabs, and if not, remind them that you are on immune suppressant drugs and ask to be put on the list.

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I was told I would need the Pneumovax as the yearly flu jab because I have bronchiectasis, but I'm also about to start a biologic.

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I will check with them next week, I thought with methotrexate that I should have the pneumonia jab but was told no so will have to go back and see them .........again :(

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Well that's a surprise :) GP surgery phoned yesterday to tell me I should have had the pneumonia vac when i had the flu jab !!! Yes I said I did ask at the time, so the outcome is I have to go back today to get the pneumonia vac done, I didn't have any reaction to the flu jab so fingers crossed (well I would if they weren't to painful to cross ) it's the same today, thanks for the advice really makes a difference being able to ask questions here x

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Hi everyone, just for info really, I have PSA and AS and take 15mg injection mtx and 50mg enbrel weekly. I have a flu vaccination every year and had the pneumonia one 6 years ago. Have been told the pneumonia vaccination lasts 10 years but the nurse at my practice says it is for life. However, I had pneumonia 4 years ago and was very poorly in hospital for a week, and my rheumy has said I should have a pneumonia booster every 5 years due to the suppressed immune system and having had pneumonia previously. The GP practice said this was not necessary (are they the specialists??) but my consultant has written to them and insisted so I am having a booster next week.. Thought this might be of help to some of you. Have a happy, healthy and pain-free or at least less pain New Year.

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