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Fever symptoms but no fever?

I had my flu and pneumonia jab on Monday and by yesterday I felt pretty lousy. Sore throat, aches and pains (worse than my usual fibro pains), coughing, I was sick last night too. But the most odd thing is I feel like I am burning up, even my eyeballs feel hot, but my thermometer says my temp is 36.3 which is low? Has anyone else had this before? Burning up but no temp?


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Hello Reni,

I'm sorry you are feeling so awful after your flu and pneumonia jabs. If I were you I would give the surgery a ring and tell them how you are feeling and see what they say. Are you on biologic drugs? The reason I ask is because my understanding is that they can mask the obvious symptoms of fever which may explain feeling so feverish without a temperature. When I have my annual flu jab it causes my RA to go into overdrive - I literally seize completely from head to toe within 24 hours and it is sometimes accompanied by a high temperature and nausea and vomiting and I wonder if you are having the same sort of reaction? I really would talk to the GP for advice and I really do hope you feel better soon.

Thinking of you,



Thanks Tilly, I'm on methotrexate and I felt so awful this morning that I called the rheumatology department to ask of I should take my injection tonight. I didn't fancy the side effects of that on top of how I'm already feeling. Thankfully they said I can miss this dose and give myself a break.

It might be a coincidence that I had my jabs, I might have picked up something at the surgery lol. I don't want to put anyone off having it, as awful as I feel, I would feel a lot worse if I got a bad case of flu! Last time I had flu I was in bed for a week :-/ and that was before I had RA lol.



Hello again Reni,

I'm sorry you felt so awful but really glad you managed to get advice from Rheumatology about whether to inject your mtx tonight. Like you say, it might be a coincidence but I really do hope you start to feel better soon.



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