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No symptoms

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Hello to you all, had that horrible flu/ cough, that in turn ended in chest infection, noticed RA had settled down, had rheumy nurse appointment yesterday for check up before going on Humira, did not meet the criteria, yet I was flaring just5 weeks before! Have flat hands for the fist time in 13 years. No pain, no swelling! Anyone else had this after a bad infection? So pleased!😁😁

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Weird isn't it! I have just been more ill than I can ever remember with an adenovirus pneumonia. Still feeling very shaky and fatigued. But my joints are the best they have been for ages - well years actually!

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gilox in reply to oldtimer

Do hope it all all gets better very soon,& that the RA stays dormant! Could it be the immune system is fighting the infection, it "forgets" the RA?

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Gnarli in reply to oldtimer

Wonderful news. There had to be an upside to your feeling so ill

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This disease really is annoying sometimes if it's not the RA bothering us then the side effects kick in and when all that is settled we pick up bugs because our immune system is suppressed, and people wonder why we are down at times

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Weird Didn't work for me but glad you are better than you were!

Did you have antibiotics ? I wonder if they helped ? Either way what a good result.

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gilox in reply to

Yes I did,but the symptoms of RA had eased before I had them, so unsure of what will happen,but will enjoy the freedom while it lasts!😁

Yes, enjoy. This really is a curious disease.

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Me too, I've had one these horrible viruses around at the moment. Not flu but a head cold and then very sore chest with horrendous cough , and I'm into the 4th week! Missed a dose of Mxt to try to clear it more quickly, but I have to say I've had no pain at all. I wondered if the Night Nurse Im taking is a miracle drug but maybe that's just how it is . Very strange but most welcome!

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gilox in reply to Downtime

Have you checked that you don't need antibiotics? We were so ill by the3rd week we saw the nurse practitioner,she diagnosed me with bronchitis,O.H with severe chest infection ( thought they were the same thing)) after about 3 days we felt we wanted to live again! 4 weeks is a long time for a chesty cough! I do think though immune system so busy fighting the infection it "forgets" the RA😁 I had come of mtx 2weeks before the infection with a view to going on humira,I no longer reach the criteria for it😁😁😁😁😁😁 I was also told to come off mtx with any severe infection until he infection was clear, check with you rheumatoid department.

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Well i did go to the doc who listened to my chest and did a lung function test which he said was perfect. He said there's no point in giving you antibiotics as it's a virus and it will go, but due to the Mxt it will take longer. He did obviously say come back if you have breathing difficulties etc. So I'm waiting. In actual fact I don't feel too bad , but listening to me coughing you would think I'm about to croak!

Hope both of you are back feeling well. I spose now you'll have to wait for another test for Humira criteria when you start having pain again! Can't wait for this winter to end.

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How lovely that one viral infection pushes the body's own Kmachine' into action and develop antiboodies that help in other ways. Almost like Nature say it doesn't want any other treatments and gives its own cure. Similar for me when a child was targeted that the next episode of tonsillitis would result in removal of tonsils. Result I worried about t and never got tonsillitis again. Queer eh!

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gilox in reply to Peecue

love that story, think you could be absolutely right, must admit I worry if my fingers are a little stiff( I crochet, a lot,am also a woolaholic)! But am still hopeful that this will last a few months at least. Loving the hands look normal.

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What brilliant news! I'm thrilled for you and long may it continue

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