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Hey there, this is my first time on here, so here goes. I got my boody tested for RA and my test was 54. I was told it's usually a healthy 1 between 14, so was overwhelmed. The pain in my hips, knees, inner groan is sore, from when I wake up I get burning in my heels. My chest weezes when I breathe and I take Gabapentin, going to see the rheumatologist next week. Does this sound familiar to anyone. ??

10 Replies
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Hi Barbare113 ,A big welcome, yes totally can relate to what your saying plus fingers and right jaw too, my was 274 in my blood test,

I am still trying to come to terms with it, still looking for the switch to turn it off but haven't found one yet.

wishing you to get sorted real soon

keep us updated

its a great site for advice and support, you have come to the right place xx

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Thank you Veronica, it started with spondylitis in my neck which I have had for years, I feel it just crept up like the Grimm reaper 🙈. I have stopped all dairy products and red meat. Doing Pilates and Yoga. I do get really tired and my lack of concentration is awful. I really appreciate your reply. Xx

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I will make you laugh with brain fog, I done this the other day, I was out with my hubby and saw a lovely dog with his owner, "I said ,"how old is he?" she said 3 years " then I was meant to say -whats his name but what came out of my mouth was "how old is he" I tried again with them both laughing but again came out of my mouth "how old is he?" talk about brain fog :O))))

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Hiya Barbara, Welcome to the best people on the Internet ( biased of course!) Your seeing Rheumatologist next week, I assume you haven't been officially diagnosed? - Suzie x

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Hi Suzie, the GP has told me it's more than likely to be RA, however when meeting with the Rheumatologist they will explore more of my tests. Xx

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Ahh ok, that's normally the procedure. Dare I ask, how are you feeling?

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I can relate to much of what you say ! Things will improve , but be patient, it is a bit if a long road, but there is a lot of support here.

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Hi there. This is a lovely site with genuinely lovely people in it. I hope your app goes well and you get some much needed relief soon.x

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Hi Barbara113, it doesnt sound like RA as I know it, but of course everyone is different. I have veen diagnosed with severe RA but the groin, chest and hips doesn't sound familiar. I started fourteen years ago when I woke up with very painful hands, from then on it's been real rollercoaster gradually getting worse, Why Gabapentin...seizures nerve pain? Hope you get a diagnosis soon.

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Hello and welcome. I sincerely hope you don't have Rheumatoid Disease although it's obvious you have something going on. This is probably the worst stage of your illness as not much is certain yet so you're bound to feel overwhelmed and panicky. Best tips at this stage is to keep a diary, with photos of affected joints, remember to wear clothes that are easy to take off/put on and best scanties as you may need to strip off. Unfortunately, being patient is something we all have to learn as nothing in rheumatoid world happens in a hurry. Wishing you all the best for next week


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