I fell over! I'm 38 and I fell over! Not that this is a first recently but still come on give a girl a rest,

Between the dog and daughter hogging the quilt I've had a rather cold night so I got up to retrieve a dressing gown and forgot I have a dead foot and fell over so not only am I cold I'm sore too.

38 and falling over it is frustrating me epically. Stupid body stupid RA stupid stupid stupid drugs. Rant over xxx

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  • Hi Make your self a cuppa and get warm there is nothing worse that being cold xxgin

  • Cuppa in hand gins :-)

  • I hate being cold.our heating packed up at the end of last winter. My son is a plumber & I've been hearing ' I'll do it for you next week mum' for the last four months! Hope you didn't hurt yourself. X

  • They say god looks after drunks and small children (when they fall). Obviously it doesn't apply to people with RA. It happened to me a while ago at work. It's not just the injury it's the bloody embarrassment! I still forget I can't move and turn as fast as I used to when I was playing football, and I'm 59! So take it easy and go steady :-)

  • But I only look 29 :-) unlike some I could mention. Lol

  • Dtech. Your so right it's the embarrassment factor. I'm a nurse and my first fall was a month ago at work. A patient asked if I was ok I cried not because I was hurt because I was supposed to be looking after that patient not vice versa. RA has a lot to answer for.

  • Caza sorry just saw your reply. How cold you must be my days bless you. Xxxx

  • I've done the getting out of bed fall as well. It sucks.

    Lots of sympathy,

    Dotty xxx

  • Thanks xxx

  • You will be fine at least no one saw you fall this time unlike my fall in august,remember. I am still on the look out for that stick for

  • Sylvi. I've just looked at one in divvies 28 pounds!!!!!!! I've not brought one. eBay here I come.

  • Well fall count now x4 today. Stumbles x lost count. So I'm off to my bed and hoping tomorrow is a better day. Thanks to Silvia I now have a walking stick for by my bed so hoping I won't tumble in the morning xxx

  • Ah the fall in the middle of the night. A few years ago it was due to too much its RA!! At only 42 I can sympathise with your embarrassment! Someone recommended an electric blanket-I scoffed until I tried it! I put it down the end of my bed (as I'm not actually cold myself) where my feet are, its brilliant at relaxing my legs at night too. I also use a black walking stick (well, normally I do, at the moment I am actually on crutches but thats a different story) from boots which I throw in the car for work, if I am have an 'unsteady' day I tend to use it when moving around. I didnt like to a first but it did improve my confidence and made me move a little slower, which is probably what I actually needed to do on these days! Thats the difficulty with RA as its often invisible to work colleagues.

    Good luck


  • I may just have to invest in an electric blanket they sound brill.

    I am currently only safe mobilising with crutches when out and about your right it does help slow you down which is good for me at the min.

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