I have had RA for about 3 years now (found out just before I turned 18!) and have been controlling it with Mxt, Plaquenil, sulfasalazine and mobic but at my last appointment with my rheumatologist she suggested that we might have to start looking at bio-injections. Needless to say freaked me out a little!

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience/ luck with this and what its all about


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  • The are biologic or anti tnf injections.. A lot of people on here succesfully use them x

  • My daughter started over a year ago and she is in total is a brilliant treatment and as summer has said there are many on it here and very successfully too.

  • Just started on monthly TOCILIZUMAB (RoActemra) infusions. ESR and CRP now below 1.Phenomenal! Never had figures that low on steroids even. Inflammation wiped out. Swelling gone, Only leftover pain now from old flares. Paracetamol fixes these. No NSAIDS necessary. Ongoing trial with this drug to taper Methotrexate dose. Brilliant! Get recruited now. SUB CUT injection option coming too.

  • Hello. I've just got back my CRP and its 24 does that mean MTX and Infliximub are working....if they are I wish they'd tell my joints!!!

  • Maybe but CRP range should be between 1 -10. Neither MTX or bio DMARDs are painkillers. If you have swelling, pain and stiffness then they are not completely working, but without knowing history, how long etc can't say for definite. These things can take several weeks , months even to work. Tocilizumab works in a different way from anti TNFs. Some meds work some don't depends on the individuals genetic make up

  • Thank you so much for reply. I've been on MTX for five years and infliximub for toe every 8 weeks. The consultants are trying hard for me. I see my GP every week due to sickness sweating Nd pain. Occasionally he gives me a few morphine tablets, normally I'm on tramadol. I've got it in most of me joints and some days I miss who I once was. I was on gababentin but I had fits, so was taken off and now of course no driving. I'm sorry I sound so dramatic but some days it is hard to see beyond the R/A.

  • Not to worry, they can be great. I had a few mishaps but I'm a lot better now and only have pain where damage has been done. I have more energy and can get on with life so much better now. Once you get the right one you will be grand.....not to all works out in the end. x

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