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Saw my consultant this week and they are now putting me on methotrexate injections. I have an appointment with the nurses in two weeks to see how to do it. I can't wait as being sick and tired for three days out of seven is no fun. Also have had my prednisolone extended as joints are really swollen, I no longer have a job but with the pip I get we are managing for money. I do miss speaking to workmates although I won't miss the back handed comments. My son and his fiance are coming to visit this weekend (he lives about 3hours away) ,I haven't seen him for a couple of months so really looking forward to seeing him. I hope everyone is keeping warm now the colder weather is coming, sorry for the various rambling as you can tell I don't get out much. 🎃

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It sounds as though we have a lot in common. I'm at the hospital on Tuesday to be taught how to inject because the MTX tabs give me permanent nausea and I could cry from tiredness. I hope you really enjoy your son's and his fiancée's visit. It's rotten when they live so far away and I'm lucky my son has just moved nearer. Hugs


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Thanks for the reply,good luck for Tuesday. Was lovely seeing them,will be seeing them next in December so not to long to wait. Enjoy your weekend.☺

All the best with the changeover, I hope you find them more tolerable. I've been on them 7 years & the weekly jab has become second nature. One thing I do which may help you too is when I get my month's worth is to write R or L on each. It helps me remember which side to do that week. I inject into my tum, it's the way I was shown but others inject into their thigh. I tried this once but I bruise so easily & found it painful to be honest so reverted to my tum.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend with your son & his fiancé.

Thanks for your reply,that's a great tip about writing l&r on the boxes. Enjoy your weekend☺

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Great tip re L&R nomoreheels. It took me a month before I figured that one out.

I inject into my tum as well. I too tried the thigh but it was v painful.

I have been told by a couple of RA folk that a nice fatty bit is best - I totally agree!

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Haha! Glad I could help.

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