How much do NRAS do!!

Just received my Autumn NRAS magazine and It has made me realise just how much they do for us. There are pages on people managing to go sailing even in wheelchairs there are pages on pages on benefit questions, pages on fundraising , on biological drugs and pages on research.there are also lots of tips and advice , one from our MattCass! If u look carefully there are pictures of my tea party, u can see all of us after stuffing our faces and a picture of me and Debs in Barcelona! The clean version! The other one was us two draped over the delegates lol !

I am telling you this not to say look at me, well yes,, do! Cos when I became a paid member of NRAS and got the magazines I could see how much fun you get from volunteering and how much it improved my life having this membership!

Also Christmas cards from Nras and money wallets ordered from the comfort of my sofa, wot more does a girl want! Lol, speech over, off to read the research pages and what NrAS are doing with MPs in depth xxxxxx

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  • Thanks Allanah for your kind comments. Your support means a lot and allows us to continue all that work! Your Christmas Cards are in the post today :) Enjoy the rest of the magazine!

    Best wishes,


  • I will second that Allanah:-) I also received the latest copy of the NRAS magazine today and have been dipping into it on and off all day - it's really good to know that we have the NRAS Team expertly fighting our corner!

    Cece x

  • thought that was you in the magazine :) planning my xmas cards to! one of my blogs got published in the magazine a couple of years ago, I wrote it when I reached remission (induced) look at it once in a while, remind myself how lucky I am to have RA under control.

    very interested to see the un-edited pictures in Barcelona!!!!! xxx

  • Lol how did u know about the unedited version?!

  • you dropped yourself in it when you said 'the clean version' haha xx

  • Well there was a funnee one with me and debs draped over the poor team lol, they were great fun and it was a wonderful experience

  • I would love to join but can't afford it :-(

  • :) don't know if they do any concessions etc, could be worth asking them

  • I have mine and last week i got my cards and wrapping paper from the open day at solihull. Seeing what the girls and boys did last week i can also attest to how hard the work. Well done to them

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