Any one had Knee surgery before having a full knee replacement?

It was confirmed a couple of months ago that I had severe secondary osteoarthritis as well as rheumatoid arthritis :-( today I have had my first appointment with a knee surgeon. He believes the best operation is reconsructive knee surgery. I am 32 and he feels I am too young for a full knee replacement. I was quite over whelmed by the appointment and had lots of questions I wanted to ask and have forgotten the name of the surgery that he recommends but it'll transfer the weight through the opposite bone. I have several doubts and concerns and had pretty much prepared myself for a full knee replacement. I was told that I will in time need a full knee replacement but this surgery may give me a bit of time. I feel like i'm in a complete whirlwind at the moment and almost back to square one with regards to treatment and eventually being pain free, and would love to hear from anyone that has been in a similar situatuion

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I have had chondroplasty on left knee in July but not really helped I'm 56 he's doing the same procedure on my right in new year as that's lost all cartlidge so I'm just gonna be putting left knee under more pressure


I have had knee replacment surgeon did not want to do replacment and I must admit I did not want 1 as on reading up they say they last 8-15 yrs and second replacment does not work that well but after going in with camera his words were totally knackered and could not do anything but replacment after almost 2 yrs just getting back to normal and knee is not as painfull but that is due to RA as the first op triggered flare like nothing I have ever had and it took me almost 1 year to get fit enough for the replacment



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