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Does anybody know if high cholesterol has anything to do with RA?

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Not sure about a direct correlation but having RA makes you more at risk of cardio-vascular disease and as such we should all have a check-up for this annually.

I had genetically high cholesterol - it was 12 - but this is under control - 3 - with statins for the past 15 years.

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Thank you x

I believe that uncontrolled inflammation can lead to slightly higher cholesterol levels, and also that the statin meds used for cholesterol can act as an antiinflammatory in some ways (though I'm pretty sure they aren't licenced for that use on its own). I know that my cholesterol levels are always higher when I have been flaring for a while, and they drop when I have been on good antiinflammatory treatment.

Its not a simple relationship though, and probably best to deal with both things separately to keep them both under control.