hi there hope everyone is well. probably a really silly question but does anybody have a day without any pain, im getting fed up lol. have spoke to my rheumy & he kinda said theres not much he can do meds seem to be working on the ra ive tried tramadol, co codemol and im now on naproxen and paracetomol & have just had omeprazole added as well as ive had a really bad stomach for a few weeks. I actually think Im just getting fed up at the moment and nothing seems to be getting better. michelle :) x

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Hi Michele, I see you take omeprazole as I do my why don't you ask your GP about Diclofenic it helps the inflammation.Mattcass


Naproxen is very similar to Diclofenac, so you can't take both. It's one or the other only!

Have you tried asking to be referred to a pain clinic? They can't get rid of pain, but can help you manage it the best possible. Polly


Like you I also take Cocodamol &/or Tramadol as well as MeloxicamI never seem to be free of pain either - I hate it! :(



Hi I have pain somewhere every day, I cannot take Diclofenac or Naproxen because of stomach problems, so I take paracetamol and tramadol almost every day, though I hate painkillers and do my best to put up with the pain. Like you I hate living like this.... xx


After a tricky few years with lots of pain, I havent had significant long term pain for a long time. My co codamol pills are out of date, and when I had a flare recently I had to get some new ones (which is why I knew). In the end I didnt need them - so far.

So it is possible and you can get there. Dont give up.


This constant pain thing can really get you down sometimes can't it? The conclusion I've come to is that if you are not on biologicals that have completely taken nearly all of your pain away then what I call 'old' pain is what I feel. I am on Abatacept and it has greatly reduced my pain I still just terrible 'jolts' of pain now and then. Also if I over do the walking or standing my feet and ankles will cause me some pain too. The point I'm making is that I have come to the conclusion that I will alway have 'old' pain and I just have to take painkillers throughout the day to keep the pain minimised. What I don't have now is 'new'pain! Due to the biologicals working for me the disease isn't spreading and the pain is reduced, never completely gone, but reduced so much that I can live as normal as possible a life now........ I hope all that makes sense......XXXX


I havnt replied to many posts since site has been revamped as having problems accessing posts ets, but felt I had to reply to your post. You sound so down, understandably, but I wanted to share my positive side, to try to show you that there can be a silver lining and hope.

I have been on Methotrexate subcutaneously for over a year now and am happy to say that I am largely pain free more days than not. I have managed to go back to the gym and am doing some gentle exercise most days and so long as I get plenty of sleep and watch that I dont over tire myself I rarely need more than paracetamol for pain control. I also work part time too, so please, please, please dont give up..... seek advice from the Pain Clinic, Physios, OTs etc and hopefully once you get the right combination of medication you too can have pain free days again.



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