A laugh for you all

Dear all,

I've returned from Cropredy music festival with A BROKEN TOE, after tripping over my walking stick!!

Feeling better than I've done in 2 years I decided too see how I got on without hiring a scooter. Well, as u can tell, I had a tumble, broke 1 ( possibly 2 toes), but as RA wasn't too bad I carried on without the scooter. The St John Ambulance lady kept bumping into me ( stalking?) to remind me to elevate my toes. Never mind that, I can walk was my response!

Alice Cooper was FANTASTIC. We had a great time. Knackered now , but very pleased with myself.

Take care all :-)

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  • ouch!! But Alice Cooper, wow! Glad u had a good time though and are happy, keep using the painkillers lol xx

  • Thanks Allanah, indeed he was wow!

    Going to a ska festival this weekend, what a fantastic 2 weeks I'm having!

    Take care :-)

  • yeah, love the specials as well, have seen them a lot! i'm off to Leeds/Reading next week,looking forward to green day and gonna go see Biffy Clyro, the stripes, emenem and jonny marr I think! great summer isnt it for festivals. I hate winter lol

  • Indeed it is! Not sure how to add photos yet, :-(

    Would have liked to add photo of the sea of flags and revellers at the festival, never mind.

    Enjoy yourself :-)

    I'm suffering today , but boy, it was worth it!

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