Just had appointment with my RA nurse. She said how you feeling i replied terrible. All my muscles are hurting especialy tops of my legs i am in so much pain. She looked at my recent bloods & said my esr levels were great. Asked me a few more questions then told me i think you are suffering with fibromyalgia?? She explained it is very common with RA, she wants me refered to pain management team. I have quickly looked up bout this & alot of it explains how i have been feeling lately. Something else to contend with :-( . Xx Alison

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  • Alison, its no fun is it being in pain the whole time,i should know i have had it for over two years now. The constant pain and you never get any relief from it. Sending you some sylvi hugs.xxxx

  • Thank you Sylvi. Not realy heard of it until today. Xx Alison

  • That is what they suspected I had still don't know if I do but I can tell you the all over body pain is horrible along with the joint pain too. The meds you are on if any are what they normally give for it. Hope the pain management team can do something for you

  • I hope so. Gp put me on gabapentin a couple of weeks ago to help with the pain i have in my shoulder due to impingement & tendonitis, RA nurse said that should help a bit. Thank you for your reply. Xx Alison

  • I was told last month had fribromyalgia also and that they will give me Hydroxcolorquin( sorry about spelling). I'm hoping this will help. Sending you gentle hugs


  • Thank you fastball. Gentle hugs to you to. Xx Alison

  • You are not alone in this. I have RA and Fibro too :-(.

    Saw my consultant early this month and he said based on my symptoms I have Fibro.prescribed Gabapetin.been off sick for 3 weeks due to its side starting to feel normal again and the pain has subsided but not gone.due to increase Gabapetin to 600mg nocte this weekend but unsure.

    Good luck,hope you feel better soon.hugs.Bianca x

  • Hi Bianca, hope you are feeling ok. I am taking 3 300mg gabapentin, my gp told me i can go upto 4 if i want. Going to try & cope on 3 :-). Xx Alison

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