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NRAS Members vs HealthUnlocked Members

I hope you are enjoying this lovely weather we are having at the moment!

I wanted to highlight the difference between NRAS Members and those registered with HealthUnlocked to avoid confusion around who’s reading your content.

When you see the padlock sign on someone else’s blog and a message: "This post is visible only to members of this group" it means that only those registered on the NRAS.HealthUnlocked site can read it (and any related comments). It doesn’t mean that only NRAS members can read it. Blogs without the padlock are open for any visitor to the NRAS.HealthUnlocked site to read – although you would obviously have to know the NRAS.HealthUnlocked link to get on the site so will have an interest in RA. We keep this open facility to encourage others interested in RA to see the value of your content – and it is amazing – to join the community.

If you are an NRAS member and you wish to share only that information with other NRAS or NRAS.HealthUnlocked members, then you can either use the private messaging service on NRAS.HealthUnlocked or post something on the NRAS Forum.

We also advise that personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers, home addresses etc are not put onto the site. I am sure that 99.9% of people on here would never dream of abusing the privilege of, for instance, having someone’s phone number for support, but some people may think, for example, a phone call at midnight perfectly acceptable whereas others might not be so keen!!

As you know, we follow and moderate this site thoroughly and we (NRAS and HealthUnlocked) are here to act as Admins. If you are ever concerned about anything or anyone taking part in the conversations on the website then please do not hesitate to contact us.

I hope that’s helped clarify the membership of NRAS/ NRAS.HealthUnlocked question. And do please continue to use the site as brilliantly as you are. The content you’re posting is clearly tremendously helpful to, and supportive of, each other. It’s also helping us at NRAS to learn as an organisation and see how we can support you better.

Best wishes


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thank you for your help and clarification on all matters

kind regards



Thanks for this Emma it was a little confusing knowing who was reading wha, not that I mind myself who is reading it, but at least now we know. Thanks again.

Julie x


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