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Steriod or Sulphazalaline? Methotrixate!


I was so bad 2 weeks ago that i had to go into the rhue clinic and see the specialist. I was given a steriod injection and sent for chest xrays with a view to be putting on Meth. After this two weeks my arms are a little free although the pain in movement is bad and i still cannot get much sleep. Is this the steriod injection kicking in or is it the sulph. beginning to work...( been on it 10 weeks now) .....? Next bloods week thurs and specialist early March. My Gp says write everything down and let specialist see it and not to think of going to work at I qualify for any financial support from the state. Hubby dressing, washing me etc and doing caring at home and using hols to do so....been off work 6 weeeks to date and worked there 2 years...

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Oh dear Susan, Wish I could offer more help with this one. I just don't know how your system of health and disabilities, etc works, so will have to defer to the others. I'm pretty sure the Methotrexate will be indicated, plus maybe one other anti-inflammatory drug. Go for it! Keep us posted. Loret XX


Hi Susan, sadly I don't know very much about benefits in the USA either, I came across this website which may be of some help, or at the very least point you in the right direction.

I do hope this is of help to you.

Beth xx


Thanks .....strane to be talking to people in another country!....had a bad morning and was upset as sooo fed up with this. Eaxh day is bringing another problem and i am very tired. Got my head right now and can carry on again....silly but i am just well fed up with every day being so rubbish....i am still confident i can get the help i need to beat this into submission but know i need to be patient..... hope you all are having an easy time at the moment.... speak soon off to try and make myself look presentable.... x


Hi there,

Glad that it's a tiny bit better. But it is always hard to know which drug is working, so what your GP suggests is a good plan. However, from what you've said in your blogs it does sound as if going on Methotrexate could be the best next step for you so do try to hang on in there 'till March. You have to be patient with this disease unfortunately. I don't know about benefits but is there a local citizen's advice, or a helpline you could call. Which country are you in? Polly


Hi Susan, I have that dilemma, take the medicine and is it that or the steroid that are working? I have still a month to go to see if the enbrel is working or not, but have had a lot of pain, so suspect maybe not!!Oh well, thinking of you



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