Be a Smartie 4 NRAS update!

Be a Smartie 4 NRAS update!

Hi Everyone

Thought I would do an update, it will keep my spirits up and remind you all to keep swallowing the Smarties 4 NRAS (and filling up tubes with 10p pieces please)!

We had our local NRAS meeting last night so I was able to cajole more people to join the challenge. Pledges and donations now stand at:

72, equivalent to a whopping £360.00 !!

That is amazing, thank you everyone for your help with this :)

I have written to Nestle to try to get some empty tubes (although I really don't mind if they happen to be full! ); the letter has been approved by NRAS and gone on their headed paper. So fingers crossed for a successful response!

NRAS 'Fundraising' team have distributed Smarties round the office so they too are all joining in the challenge. Great to have you guys on board too :)

If anyone missed my original blog the details can be found here, . My JustGiving page is at

Thanks again everyone :)

Lyn x

2 Replies

  • Hi Lyn,

    Just to say well done and keep up the excellent work! Where would we be without people like you.

    mand xx

  • Hiya Lyn,

    Congrats on the wonderful amount raised so far.

    Just spotted this on HotUKDeals site. Sainsbury's are selling a 5 pack of Smarties tubes (38g) for £1 might be ideal for fundraising. (

    Hope this is of use.

    Jo. x

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