Had my one year rheumiversary and didn't even notice!!

I was just updating my profile and realised that it was the 1st anniversary of my diagnosis on 2nd May. I can't believe how quickly the year has passed and how much has happened in that time. When I was diagnosed the rheumatologist said he aimed to have me on 15mg methotrexate a week to keep control of my RA and sure enough it seems to be doing the trick, give or take a few small flares. It's a good job really as I've not seen him since! Although I've not been totally abandoned as I see the specialist nurse every 12 weeks as long as I phone and nag for an appointment. I manage most things I want to and just take care not to overdo things as my joints soon complain if I do. I've also got used to giving up the alcohol and am very happy with an occasional glass of wine or cider. Admittedly though I never thought I'd see the day my drink of choice would be a lime and soda :-)

In May I had a hysterectomy which thankfully went really well and I didn't get some awful methotrexate induced flesh eating bug as I was convinced I would. Six weeks after the operation I was back in the gym and then my daughter and dog returned to live with me. Finally, 6 weeks after my one year rheumiversary I got back into work, part time in my local village shop doing 13hrs a week. It's not stressful like my previous job with Jobcentre Plus and it gets me out of the house. It's also nice to be earning a little money of my own as although hubby was happy for me to be at home I really missed having my own income. All in all my first year with rheumatoid arthritis has gone ok, much better than I expected it would really. Life has carried on and I've discovered new strengths which I never knew I had. I eat healthier, exercise harder and I've managed to lose 7st in weight making me feel fitter than I did 10 years ago. I'd like to finish off by saying a HUGE thank you to all my friends on here for your support over this past year. You have been the best :-) :-) :-) :-)

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  • Congratulations on your first year and getting back to work, also congratulations on your weight loss, but you feel like a new woman.

    Wishing all your future years are pain free.

    Gentle hugs

    Jacqui xxx

  • Well done you on the weight loss. Very pleased to hear your back in the work force xx

  • well done on job and weight loss.. I think you made an excellent recovery from that big op.. cant believe you are back in the gym already... think give yourself a toast on all you have achieved.. soda and lime is quite nice its often a drink i choose though a nice cool cider shandy is good too xx

  • my word a year!!! its gone so fast! and i am glad to hear of all your progress, such good news and thanks for a lovely positive blog, want it to be me next year!!

  • Congratulations on all fronts to you Paula! X

  • What an uplifting blog,thank you for sharing it with us all. Well done you. Xx

  • Thanks all, I'm afraid I couldn't reply last night as I was covering a late shift at work. Having a nice day off today and relaxing in the garden. Hope you're all well and enjoying this lovely weather x

  • What a lovely blog. Well done you for all you have done over the year.

    Mary x

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