Newly diagnosed - when to take meds?

After thinking I may have RD for over a year, it was finally confirmed yesterday. I did see a locum rheumie last year but I think there was a mix up as the consultant yesterday asked why I'd never had a follow up appointment. Anyway, that's irrelevant now. I'm being started on DMARD combination therapy in 6 weeks (because I'm going on holiday soon and the rheumie said not to start them unless I was prepared to take him on hoiday too!). I got a steroid injection to tide me over meantime. What I wanted to ask is what day should I take the methotrexate tablets (15mg) on? I work 4 days a week and I don't want to have to take more time off than I have to if I have side effects. If I take them on a Saturday, will that be my weekend wiped out? When do the side effects generally kick in? Thanks!


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  • I took mine on a Thursday evening (our weekend is Friday and Saturday). I was a bit fuzzy for the first couple of doses but nothing to stop me and after that I was absolutely fine. Good luck. Clemmie

  • Thanks Clemmie - if all I get is "fuzzy" I think I'll be able to cope with that.

  • Hi I take mine on a Friday have felt fuzzy headed and sick but not as bad as I thought it would be. I've been on it for 2 weeks xxx

  • Thanks chemar. Dreading the sick feeling, but fuzzy I can cope with!

  • Hi,

    I've only been taking mix since beginning of sept (3 doses of 10mg) and havE not had any reaction but take them on Thursdays working on the principle that I'll grit my teeth through one crappy day at work and then have my weekend to recover but this may change if I start to get a strong reaction and then I'll switch to Friday (possibly lunch time so that most of the reaction will be out of the way by Saterday and I can still have a decent weekend). I try to limit the possibility of a gastric reaction by eating porridge with fresh ginger in it about 20 mins before taking the mix - does it work? I don't know because I've never taken mix without eating the porridge first.

    Have a fab holiday,


  • Thank you Ali, I love the idea of porridge and ginger - I'll definitely be trying that. Feeling great today after the injection. Forgotten what it feels like to feel (almost) normal!

  • I've been on MTX for coming up to 4 years & always taken mine on a Wednesday but once you notice it start working, whatever day you choose to take yours, if you find you have any side effects you can always change the day by a day or two.

    I'm on 15mg & when I was on tablets I spread the dose so took 2 at breakfast, 2 at lunchtime & 2 with my evening meal but some people prefer to take them just before bedtime in the hope of sleeping off any problems. I was advised not to do that as they would sit on my tum & possibly cause more problems but each Rheumy has their own ideas.

    Hopefully it won't be too problematic & the benefits far outweigh any reactions you have. It's been my saviour!

    Hope you enjoy your hols.

  • Thank you nomoreheels! (what an appropriate name, I was gutted when I had to give all my heels to charity but, heyho...). My rheumie was quite insistent that I don't vary the days once I start the tablets so I might go for Friday and hopefully it won't spoil my whole weekend. Everyone is so helpful on here, glad I found it.

  • Obviously I wouldn't contradict your Rheumy, but maybe he meant you need to choose a day to take them & stick to that day meaning you have a regular day to take them, like I always inject mine on a Wednesday, to keep the dose constant. Once or twice I forgot it was MTX day & took my folic acid & was told by my Consultant the first time I did it that as long as I took them within a couple of days then there was no problem. As you're just starting maybe if you contact you Rheumy nurse & ask if the day you choose becomes an issue she will advise you.

    I have a lot of my heels away too but kept one or two of my faves & look at them longingly sometimes! Sad isn't it!? (in more ways than one lol)

  • I take mine on Monday and folic acid on friday if I feel sick I find refreshers the fizzy sweets get rid of it

  • I take mine at bedtime, the night before a day off. I get fuzzy and tired the next day, so as a teacher, that doesn't work, so I sacrifice a weekend day. I you take at night, you experience the first 8 hrs while you sleep through it! Been doing this for 10 years.

    Good luck!

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