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what a day

hip and knees SO sore, checked our rabbit, obviously not well, went to the vet who said she had a large brain tumour and put her down. Then took Katy and her friend into Middlesbrough and got a call, Mum theres a bomb we r being evacuated. I said RUN to the edge of town. As I was driving there police, ambulances, bomb disposal all overtake me, but glad i said to meet me on the edge of town as it was all closed down. Now bomb disposal there but think it was just a padfkage. Made me think though. Jeez what a day xx

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Funny you should say about rabbits,my ringtons man has just been and he has a rabbit which he is taking to the vets tonight,he says his is not doing very welll in this heat, a bit like me to be honest.

Bomb scare,they are frightening things,i bet you hugged your daughter when you picked her up,even if it was nothing but a package it is still


ye i was so worried seeing everything shut down etc!


What a day all happening so sorry about rabbit was it yours? or your childrens?


Well all of us looked after her really, she luved my hubby and katy and I did the cleaning!


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