For JoJo, DandyLad and anyone else here with errant pinkies!

For JoJo, DandyLad and anyone else here with errant pinkies!

Just packing and found this neoprene stretchy thing my physio gave me last year to try and stop my little finger from doing a wander down to the sea without its siblings. It is a splint of a kind. Don't know if it works because I only just found it buried at the bottom of an old handbag! I guess any strong stretchy fabric might work but alternatively you could ask your physio or OT for one. I've been wearing mine for an hour now and its making my pinky knuckle ache - Greta Garbo wants to escape!

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  • Ooh, that looks snazzy Tilda lol. Seriously tho, I didn't know such things existed. I tend to tape my fingers together with Micropore if they are temporarily misbehaving, but had never thought about using the tape, or a splint like yours for the more permanently errant pinkie. I think I will have a trial run first with my trusty tape tho because my other finger joints are very unstable at the knuckles and I have a sneaky feeling the ring finger joint is too unstable to pull the pinky inwards so I might just end up with them both pointing outwards at an odd angle! Thanks for that tho Tilda.


  • Hi Tilly. Well she did it with micro tape first and then suddenly had a moment of awakening and delved in her drawer and came out with this green and black rubber tube. She cut a piece off and way hay my groovy splint was born! As I say I can't wear it for too long though or throbbing gets too much. I must have stuck it in my bag when I went away to Tuscany last October because I haven't been able to find it until today!

    Tilda xx

  • Thanks Tilda. It certainly is groovy! If I have one I want a bright green one too!!!

    Hope you manage all your travelling and that it does turn out to be a holiday for you.


  • Thank you for thinking of me, that is very kind of you. I can see what you mean and I will mention it to an OT I am seeing this morning.

    You say you are just packing, are you going on holiday or moving home or just having a tidy? Excuse my natural curiosity, please don't feel a need to answer this if it is too intrusive.

    Thanks again


  • We are going away for a holiday of sorts. Two and a half weeks spent driving down from Orkney (where I live) to Cornwall via Edinburgh to visit my 21year old son and then down to Devon to pick up very old mother in law and take her to a holiday house down in Cornwall. We have 2 dogs and 2 teenagers with us. Dreading it! X

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