First cold since startin MTX

Hi I just wanted to ask a couple of things. Firstly I have my first cold since starting MTX 7 weeks ago. I feel awful and wondered if I should take this weeks dose on thursday if I still feel unwell?

Secondly I have not taken any other medication since starting treatment (including two steroid injections) but I now feel like I might need too. What are people's thoughts re paracetamol versus ibuprofen? I realise I may need to speak to my gp regarding this but wondered what other people had been told.

Feel dreadful and like its going to my chest which us not normal for me with just a cold :(

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  • It's hard for us to advise as we aren't doctors and don't know your medical history. But if cold is going to your chest then prob best to speak to GP anyway. I've not really had many colds since starting mTX, maybe one a year at most, and generally I keep taking it.

    And I take ibuprofen as find the anti-inflammatory effect helps. Polly

  • Luke, as Polly says, contact your GP or rheumatology nurse. In th meantime lots of fluids and rest

    Hope you feel better soon


  • Hi Angel

    I hope you feel better soon.

    I give my special poem to people who are in need of some comfort and support and I think you need it.

    When angels sense you need them

    And angels always do

    They come unseen from everywhere

    To help and comfort you

    They hover close beside you

    Till all your cares are gone

    Till they can see you're ready

    Once again to carry on

    Then some of them fly away

    And take their gentle touch

    To other hearts that need the love

    Of angels very much

    But one at least stays with you

    As your constant friend and guide

    For guardian angels never leave you

    They are always by your side!

    Take care and gentle hugs and angel blessings to you xx

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