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It's 1:00 pm Saturday. I will be going to my son's home across town to join with the other grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles to celebrate Jared's 14th birthday. Same boy who broke records last Saturday in Wrestling, having the most pins in one season. Can explain the meaning of Pins, later.

Back to going to the birthday party, about 4pm, when son will come pick me up, so really need to get a nap in as it will be a late evening at the birthday boy's party.

But first I have to shampoo the dining room carpet, because I was making a grilled ham and cheese sandwich for lunch and , in attempting to put the pickle jar back in the refrigerator door, the door swung away, I dropped the pickle jar, on the kitchen floor (fine, Not so bad ) it rolled into the dining room, on the light beige carpet,(NOT so fine, very bad) the lid came loose and as fast as I could get to it, it leaked most of the green pickle juice all over the carpet, right in front of the doorway!!!!!!. Instantly threw all the kitchen towels on it and stomped on it as best I could without falling over, but it looks pretty bad and will have to shampoo it, EXCEPT I don't have any carpet shampoo!!! Will try very dilute laundry detergent, but will have to go over it several times with clear water so it doesn't leave residue or it will attract grungie footprints and cat paw prints, etc. Then to get it dry before it soaks thru the whole carpet ,will need to put all the bath towels on it and stomp on those because the machine won't get it totally dry!

And son just called and said he will pick me up at 3:00 or so! AAACK!!

Guess who doesn't get any nap, or rest, just more intense labor!! Byeee!

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Use washing up liquid loretta,that should help. You made me laugh my love,i can just picture you with the pickle jar all over the carpet. I'm sorry i shouldn't laugh,but i couldn't help it.

I hope you have a lovely time with your family at the party.

Love sylvia. xx


I was hoping someone would find it amusing. Even more amusing now at 9pm. See update below mads.


aww loret why couldn't it just have spilled on the kitchen floor and you could have wiped it up. that is so typical.

i am sure you are back from the birthday bash and had a great time! hope to hear all about it tomorrow


Got back at 9pm, changed into jammies, went out to check on the pickle puddle, It had speckles on it !!! YIKES! It's ANTS! (very choice words inserted here)

So will have to get out the carpet machine tomorrow. Just sprayed the spot with Household Pest Spray, They aren't moving so hahahahah:))))) either they are dead or they are pickled:)!!!! heheheh


Hi Loret, you do lead an exciting life! Pickle juice eh. Sounds as if the Ants are drunk on it. Washing up liquid, detergent (well diluted) or anything similar should do the trick although it may take several washings. Try it on a hidden corner first in case it fades the carpet.

Hope the party went well. Love LavendarLady x


Its all go in your house xx hope the3 carpet is ok x


Oh what a pickle pardon the pun!!! I agree with syvlia washing up liquid works a treat get's rid of most stains.

Try to rest after all the work xxx


Thanks, I sure will do that!!


Ummm...another difference in terminology...What is "Washing up" liquid?

Is that laundry detergent? Dishwashing liquid detergent?

All purpose cleaning liquid?

I'm thinking laundry detergent, since it is carpeting. Supposed to onmly use clear water on it, but thinking it is going to take a bit more, since the green pickle puddle is contrasting with the lite beigh carpet.

I really did not intend to spend my Sunday cleaning the carpet!! The trigger on the handle of the machine, that releases the solution, is very hard to pull on, takes both hands since my right one doesn't even pick up a coffee cup!


No they mean washing up liquid that you use to wash the dishes by hand Loret! Wow it takes some linguistic clarification what with the Atlantic gap doesn't it?! Hope the greenish look has now turned into beige normality? TTx


OH, OK. What I have is Dawn Liquid Detergent, the same stuff they cleaned all the oil -covered birds in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill last year.

I am pretty sure every body over there heard about that tragedy.

But, it turned out well, the world of chemical scientists cleared all that oil out of the Gulf and it is once again, the world's playground and beautiful beaches and superb seafood. I hear the oysters are smaller, but they'll grow up!

I hesitatye to use dish detergent on the carpet as it is sticky and the pickle juice is not greasy, so was afraid the detergent would be too sudsy, even with diluting it 1:100. ( I know my Chem teacher friend will recognize that set of numbers :) )

Till again. Love and thoughts across the waves. Loret xx


Update is, I quickly sponge cleaned the carpet yesterday before the party, with several towels and cold water. It looks pretty good, can't tell where the pickle puddle was! But, had planned to have the whole carpet in 3 rooms cleaned early Feb, so think I will call them Monday and set the date ASAP.

You are right about the difference in liguistics, Tilda. I think my little joke, or pun earlier may have not been interpreted...I said, : the ants are either dead or pickled"..Being pickled here is meaning drunk as a skunk! So I had put all those emoticons in my sentence, intending hysterics while I was in shock over the whole ordeal. Susanh did pick up on the pun.LOL :0 Anyways, crisis averted for now. I'm just concerned about the amount of pickle juice might have soaked through to the sub-floor. Shouldn't, I think I caught it while it was still a puddle. Oh well, no sense in worrying a second about that..I will not likely be here by the time somebody tears up my lovely carpet 50 years from now.


Well the whole story made me laugh, and could do with a bit of laughter right now, so thanks. But what in heaven's name are ants doing running around searching for pickle juice in the middle of winter? Or do you have a special extra hardy US ant? When I was living in Boston I came nose to nose with an american cockroach which scared the daylights out of me as it was HUGE, so maybe your ants are too....


Nooo, they are really tiny. I never thought that ants might be around now. Only explanation is, these condos are all built on concrete slabs, no basements, all one floor. So these little guys smelled the sweet pickle juice, told the queen about it and she ordered them to go find it and bring back as much as they can on their sticky feet :) Maybe because it has been so unseasonally warm, the ants under here think it's Spring. Ants are so common around here, the condo association hires some company to put anti-ant stuff all around the outside of the buildings.

I don't think I've ever seen a cockroach, and from what I hear, I don't care to.

Glad the whole episode turned out OK, and gave us a little weekend entertainment. :P


Ha ha, that is funny,

so I got from speed reading were drunk, spilling stuff that cleans of oil from birds whilst hiding in a corner!! lol Axx


LOL! Allanah, and I really am. Your version is much funnier!


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