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Nice sunny day

Well here we are with a nice sunny and cold day. I don't know what to do with myself. Don't know whether i want to go out or not. My head is telling it wants to go out,my body,now that's telling a completely different story.

My body aches despite having a good nights sleep.The pain in my shoulder won't go away,don't know whether it's the fibro or connected to my chest. Now that is a conundrum in itself. Is the problem with the chest caused by a chest infection or is it related to the mtx that i'm taking. I am not sure which,though beginning to think it is the later. The trouble with my body is it seems to bring out something else all the time. I wonder if it's time to put me down!!!!!!!!

I think i'm just an old crock that wants throwing in the bin!!! I'm 56 for gods sake yet feel about 96. Nothing seems to work properly, wonder if i go to the doctors and ask for some remodeling will they give me smaller breasts,less weight, no ra,fibro,and do you think they will make me thin. I can wish can't i.

I know i've said in the past that god only gives what he knows we can cope with,but i think he is being a bit unfair with me,because he's giving me everybody else's pain as well .

Never mind people the sun is in the sky and it's not raining,so must be thankful for something.

Have a good day to all of you.

Sylvi. xx

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An old crock that wants throwing in the bin! I would wag my finger at you but it's too stiff :-( I hope you feel better soon Sylvi x


I'm glad to see some one got the joke, if i don't laugh i would cry and i ain't going to let this disease do that.


Hi Sylvi, i know what you mean but seriously you would probably have to put all of us down if we went along with that stream of thinking! You know all those sayings what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, etc i hate them with a passion. You would have to be a saint to put up with your disabling pain - you not only have the ra but fibro.. as well and smile about it.

I will go with you to be remodelled emmm i will check in again with my list.

I have that shoulder and chest pain as well sylvie - for me its the thoratic spine - pressure on the back causes it to constrict at the front causing pain up to the shoulder. I think a physio told me that ages ago, hope it is still that otherwise i should get my heart checked lol.

I do hope you got to enjoy a bit of the sunshine, and you get a decent nights sleep tonight.


Sleep Mads,whats that,i've been downstairs since 4.30 this morning. My knee decided that it wanted to play up,and my breathing wasn't good either. I think the pains are caused by the weather dropping to cold.

There is a frost outside here in the midlands The sky doesn't look too good either.

Hope you all had a good nights sleep.



If we went along with that stream of thinking! You know all those sayings what doesn't kill you makes you stronger,


I'm with you, Sylvi. Over here there is that highly popular "Extreme Makeover" been wanting to apply!

Some time ago, I asked my Ortho Surgeon if he could just do a complete body transplant. He said he'd be glad to if I could find a donor. At the time, Liz Taylor, had just divorced Richard Burton for the second time and I said I' like to get Elizabeth Taylor's body, then I could say I had had Richard Burton!

Turns out she had severe back problems too, so had to reject her at the last minute!

I was all set for that operation too! Had purchased a nice gold necklace to wear around my neck to hide the scar, since the surgeon said it was still experimental. Well, didn't happen, now Liz is dead, so will have to check the donor possibilities closer, :)

Sure hope everybody here knows who Liz Taylor and Richard Burton are, elst my essay will be meaningless! :)


Well seeing as richard burton is welsh i think we know who they are. If you had her body,what about all them husbands!!!!

I think i will leave my body to science, they will have a field day with my body.... I have to make a joke otherwise i don't know what i would do. There days when i'd sooner stay in bed and hide.

Love sylvi.xx


LOL! When my son was in Med School I told him I would donate my body to a med school, as that is where they get the cadavers the students use for Anatomy. He said "don't bother, they wouldn't want it..too many missing parts. Wouldn't be fair to the student who had to locate my gallbladder, or uterus, or a couple real knees, etc. :)


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