Methotrexate and Naproxen together

Since starting MTX about 8 weeks ago I've avoided taking any NSAIDs (Naproxen) at the same time ie I don't swallow MTX and Naproxen simultaneously. As a result I tend to go for about 24 hours between Naproxen doses once a week. I do this because I don't want to hit my liver/kidneys with Naproxen and MTX at the same time. Problem is that I feel dreadful without the Naproxen. Does anyone take these two together? If so have you had any adverse reactions? By the way I generally feel ok on MTX other than the usual tiredness and sometimes feeling slightly hungover the day after taking it.

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I've always taken them together with no ill effects


We're not supposed to give medical advice, as we're not doctors...moderators do tell us off if we do! Good reason really as everyone's medical history is a bit different. But the MTX/NSAID combination has never bothered me, although I do take stomach protectors anyway.

Anyway, if you're at week 8 then hopefully you'll soon feel the benefits of MTX and not need anything else. Polly

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Definitely something to check with your doctor (GP probably would do), but I wouldn't have thought you would need to separate the doses of those by more than about 4 hours or so, though you do need to take NSAIDs with food as well to avoid stomach irritation. If you are worried about your liver, ask your GP about that too - it may be possible to do an extra liver function test to check a bit earlier than your usual routine.


I take them at the same time and have no problems. I use the stomach protector in advance


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