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Methotrexate and Naproxen?


Has anyone taken Methotrexate and Naproxen at the same time? I recently quit Methotrexate because of side effects but only 2 weeks ago so still in my system and as I have to wait to see my specialist, he has prescribed Naproxen in the meantime (got someone to pick up the prescription from the hospital). Just been reading about interactions.

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Yes I take both. It is good to pay attention to the drugs you are prescribed, but you also have to recognise that sometimes the ideal world is not the one we live in and compromises have to be made. This is part of the reason we are well monitored on MTX and similar drugs to get an early warming of any interactions developing.

Yes I do, and seem to have no problems so far. Seem to work well!

Yes, at the moment. Though, if Naproxen is needed the Methoject/Methotrexate is either not working or hasn't yet become effective. In my case, not yet effective. I will not be taking the 2 together long term.

Taken MTX for over 40 years and Naproxen and other NSAIDs for 50 years.

Thank you all for the replies. I have suffered really bad side effects on MTX so stopped taking it a couple of weeks ago and now have to wait till July to see my specialist. This Naproxen is an interim measure.

I was on both when I was first diagnosed but managed to come off naproxen once mtx was working and everything was under control

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Thank you for something positive

Yes i have . only take them when you really need to and i mean the naproxen. Methotrexate is a very good i have been on it for years.

Yes I am on methotrexate, prednisone and rituxan, and take naproxen for break thru pain.

Manzana1 in reply to Teedeez

Thank you for your reply. Yeah the truth is the RA I developed when I was 19 attacked my joints, did its worst and then left. Of course there is visible damage but no pain. The pain I have is from synovitis in my hand and this is something I cannot seem to make specialists understand. And also the reason I've reacted so badly to MTX, I believe. I live in Spain, have a specialist who is really sweet but all of them have always been confused by exactly what I have.

I used to be on both, had no side effects.

Yup, methotrexate, naproxen, hydroxychloroquine, and prednisolone at the moment. Might soon be adding sulfasalazine to the mix too. Given all the other bits and bobs that go with it (ranitidine, folic acid, alendronic acid, vitamin D & calcium) I'm pretty much a human maraca.

bubblyalex in reply to Smelliott

😳 why do they add in meds on top of others rather than replacing?

Smelliott in reply to bubblyalex

In my case, the methotrexate stopped doing the job on it's own, so the hydroxychloroquine was added to see if that would help bring things under control. If it doesn't (still waiting to see) they'd normally try biologics next, but what with covid-19 complicating matters (biologics supposedly increase susceptibility to infection, especially when you first start taking them) they decided to add yet another immunosuppressant, sulfasalizine.

Prednisolone is there because I'm having a massive, prolonged flare-up. Naproxen too.

All the rest of the junk is there to counter side effects. Phew!

bubblyalex in reply to Smelliott

It does seem pretty rough. I’m sorry that it is.

Smelliott in reply to bubblyalex

Thanks. I've been in remission for the best part of 8 years, so just a bit of cosmic payback I guess. Not that I believe in that kind of thing, of course. I'll get there :)

Manzana1 in reply to Smelliott

Yes, you'll get there. Thanks for sharing your experience. I feel much better off the MTX, wondering if I actually need it as the only pain I have is from synovitis in my upper right hand (which is really weird because it's not a typical joint location).

I suffered bad side effects from methotrexate tablets. I changed to by injectapen and have no problems. I've taken naproxen for years and had to come off them as my kidneys are cream crackered. 😩🌈🌈

If you can’t tolerate the side effects of methotrexate tablets it’s definitely worth trying the injections, it cured my side effects completely.

Thanks for the advice about the injectapen. I have never been offered that as a solution. Does it hurt? I am rubbish with needles :))

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