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Hi all

I had an arthroscopy on my right knee approx. 18 months ago which was a great success. I now have to have the same done on my left knee in a few weeks. As a result of this my right knee has become very painful again and is slightly bowing. My surgeon said this is probably a result of me over compensating when I walk even though I use crutches as much as possible. He hopes that it will settle down once I’ve had the surgery on my left knee.

I’m going to see him on Thursday as I’m really worried about it and I’m terrified that I am going to need a knee replacement. I’m 34 and know that because of my age the surgeon is reluctant to do it as well as me having what he calls “small bones”.

Has anyone else been in a similar position to me and if so what was the outcome?

Thank you.

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Sorry - I've had arthroscopy's on both knees with not a lot of success. I had a knee replacement 4 years a go when I was 56 so a bit older than you.

My other knee now needs replacing.


Hi. I had arthroscopy and partial menisectomy 3 years ago on my left knee but its now back to square one. Have ortho app next week. Was told when first done I needed a knee replacement but like you I'm too young at 39. GP did say to me about pushing for it as did I want a good knee now or when I'm in a nursing home in my 70's! Which I think is a fair statement.

I do think that however hard you try you wil be relying on your other knee so sure that's why it's become problematic. Discuss you're worries with the ortho again


Hi. I had my left knee done twice in 18 months with little success. My right knee now needs doing but I'm a bit nervous of this. I have been told by knees need replacing but because I'm 27 im too young. Even though I can't live the life of a 27 yesr old. My right knee got worse as I wss compensating for the left one. Good luck in getting a knee replacement. X


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