A Better day

I have had a pig of a week but today I has a better day. I took control and told my boss to back off.

I have contacted HR and have taken advice. I have also rung my RA nurse who has booked me an emergancy appointment to come and talk.

Thanks everyone who has been there for me which your support I am getting there slowly. All I need to do is keep looking for another job or stop for a while

I am getting me my hair cut tomorrow. A little treat for taking my 2injection of cimzia

So far so good xxxxx

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Post a photo and show us what you look like with your new hair. You tell your boss where to go.People think that just because we have a disability we are stupid, but we are not that stupid.

THese injections are only PRICKS!!!!!!

Take care,

love sylvi. xxxxx


Will do as long as I dont crack the camera!!!




Really glad you stood up to your boss- hopefully HR can come up with a plan.You shouldn't have to put up with that,it's hard enough working with RA without any extra stress.

Have a lovely weekend

Julie xx


Hi Susan

I knew there was something i wanted to say - i read your previous blog but couldn't reply at the time(bad hands) Anyway i know you're considering P/T hours - are you claiming DLA -you can claim whether you work or not but it just may help

check out for further info

Take care



I am claiming DLA, but my RA is getting worse and painfull due to the pressure of my job. I know I have got to take the next step but hard to. I just need to keep chippping at my boss - if that is possible

Will wait to see what HR says

Thanks for your thoughts and I hope your hands are feeling better. As a wise perosn said, they can be like sausges but these are better in a sarnie

susanh xxx


Hi Susan

Glad you stood up to your boss. You need to give me a few pointers for when I go back again in two weeks (after recovering from rituximab)

Mine is pushing too much.

Well done to you

Take care x


It is never easy especially when they think they have the upper hand but stay strong, gets your facts straight and stand your ground

You are in the right and remember it is your illness not theirs and you know what is needed for YOU

Susanh xxx


thanks Susan xx


HI Susan great you stood up to the boss - hope you are not feeling too stressed and you enjoyed the hairdressers.


Well done Susan, hopefully HR will get their finger out and do something, if they don't offer, request a Work Based Assessment from Occ Health too.

Again well done, can't wait to see the new you.

Beth xx


Hi Susan

So proud of you hun - well done :)

Now you have informed hr, the hard part is done, so relax and make him do all the running now.

Good luck :D

Sci x


Good for you - I bet you feel better for having acted in your defence.

Take good care of yourself:-)

Cece x


Hi Susan, don't forget that NRAS have some booklets you can give your employer about working with RA. I got one and gave it to my employers who I must admit were very helpful. I did go down to 3 days a week part time which was a great help.

See what your HR dept comes up with and don't be afraid to give them a ring to discuss things. they will be well aware that any adverse reaction by them or your boss would breach the Equality Act and land them in a lot of trouble.

Have you also applied for a blue badge? DLA is one of the qualifying benefits. Mine has been a godsend in being able to park close to shops etc without a long walk from a car park which I couldn't manage.

Hope all goes well for you. LavendarLady x


Hi LL,

I gave these booklets to my employers after they were asking how long to I expect to be ill for?!!

and a few days later I spotted them in the shredding bin!

Really annoyed me what a waste off NRAS paperwork, I wouldnt have sent for them if I thought they would take that attitude.


I have DLA but at the carers level - how do you apply for the blue badge as my husband has been diagnosed with MS so both of us cannot manage without the car and parking a far way down the car park does not help


Hi Susanh

There is lots of information about applying for a blue badge on the website, please find the link below. You can apply online or contact your local authority directly.

Kind regards

Sarah Kate

NRAS Helpline


Thank you very much that's really helpful xxx


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