Say si to Cincuenta!!

Hi everyone

It's my final few weeks of being in my 40s and I've decided the next decade needs rebranding. Twenties and thirites sound jolly, forties and fifties I hear a dull thud. So how about embracing espanol and saying I'm Cincuenta, sounds much more lively don't you think?

As for the sixties, it has to be soixante, so alluring............

Do you think it could catch on?



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  • I do Ronnie SiSi, YaYa, OUI OUI!! But aren't u just 21 again ? Lol xxx have a great birthday, when is it, we can have a virtual birthday on here for you! Xx

  • Hi Allanah

    It's on 8 July and I shall be in sunny St Lucia, waking up to the sound of the ocean with a rum punch on ice!!

    A virtual birthday, what a lovely idea, thank you

    Have a great day



  • Wow, not been there but went to Antigua which was amazing, hope u have a fab time! Xx

  • Can I come in your suitcase? I called in there on my very first cruise and it's heavenly!

    As to the age thing my Great Grandma died just after her 94th birthday, still maintaining that her age was 21! Her birthday was on 31 December and each year we asked he how old this year Grandma, her reply was always the same 21. This year I will be 60 in actual date terms, but I am going to be like Grandma and say 21 in future.

  • Wow we are both '63 babes Ronnie! I had a 50th on 7th January and then a party on 23rd March and feel like the whole year is my birthday somehow. It's pivotal and I've had moments where I just feel like the Harry Enfield adolescant sketch in reverse i.e from going to bed a happy go lucky 40 something I woke up with dry eyes, a foul taste, gammy feet and stiff as hell - but on the other hand I now feel I can be me and not apologise which is really brilliant! Enjoy your last weeks of being 49 - but 50 is okay! Tilda x

  • I will thanks. Have been seeing all my favourite bands from my youth, next one is the Stome Roses in Finsbury Park. I still think I'm in my 30s and will carry on in that vein!!

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