The count down begins

Well Friday I received the long awaited call that I am able to start cimzia next week. I've been in a flair for a few weeks now, been unable to face work for over a week and been a poor excuse of a mum to my daughter. I am kinda scared and excited. Scared at the whole drug thing but excited at the prospect to regain some elements of my former self.

Sending hugs to those that need it and those who just want a gentle hug. Xxx

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  • Rarah,I do so hope you get the results I have experienced last week

    I started on Simponi last Monday- six weeks without anything except pain killers let me RA take such control and I promise you by Tuesday morning I was so full of energy. That has dissipated a lot however I think the lead up to actually starting on biologics had left by Tuesday. I know these drugs work so am keeping my fingers crossed for you. Stay in touch and let us know how you get on.

    Gentle hugs


  • Wow I hope I'm as lucky to have a good result. Well done you xx

  • Rarah, i am watching this closely as thats what i am going on.I wish and hope that it really works for you and i am looking forward to seeing you making progress.xxxx

  • Good luck - hope it turns things around for you with your RA. Tilda x

  • I'm still hoping that Mtx, Sulfasalazine, sunshine, positive thinking, healthy living etc. etc. etc. will work for me ..... but hope's now wearing a bit thin so I'm very interested in how you get on.

    The wait must have been a real endurance test, especially while flaring. I really hope that Cimzia works brilliantly for you & you'll be able to enjoy the summer to the full.

    Luce xx

  • Thank you for you kind words. Ill keep u updated :-)

  • Good luck Rarah...please let us know how you get on...I'm going for an assessment tomorrow and am hoping I can move onto this drug. I really hope it gives you back a normal pain free life. xx

  • good luck keep us psoted x

  • I hope it helps you lots. I am on rituximab and it has make a huge difference. x

  • Hope it works for you xxx

  • Good news, try not to worry to much, I am sure all will be well and remember to ask loads of questions whilst you have the chance.

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