What A Great Day Out.

What a great day me and Fran had out, the weather was superb all day in fact we were still out at 8pm and it was still warm and sunny, the pipe and drum bands were also brilliant it took a team from Ireland to beat Bathgate in the final they were expected to win but who cares everyone enjoyed themselves, I did suffer a little bit during the night but believe me it was worth it, I have some great photographs when I learn to put of some them on blog I will do so, Enjoy the rest of the weekend and when Celtic win the Scottish Cup that will make my weekend complete, mattcass

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  • sounds great Matt, my 15 yr old cousin in Massachusetts who has ra is in a pie band, they win a lot of trophies. Think Celtic have a big chance of the cup, enjoy xx

  • lol he is in a pipe band not a pie band although the pie one sounds delicious, but cheese and onion for me'!!!!

  • pleased you had a good time x

  • Well done Celtic! Bet u r a happy man xxxxxx

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