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Sorry for my quietness. Have been really down in the dumps and just had no motivation or mojo.

My update is have been taken off methotrexate. Thank goodness!!

Now on day 4 of hydroxychloroquine, then once we know I'm ok with that, Sulphasalazine is being introduced slowly.

Is anyone else on this combination?

Week 4 and my steroid injection is wearing out already. I can only have 2 more, so I am hoping these are the magic meds this time.

On a good note I got my car!!! It's great and I can't wait until I can drive it a bit more!

Going to catch up on everyone's news this afternoon

Thinking of you all and sending hugs


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So glad you are back with us, I was wondering how you were doing, though don't feel you have to apologise for not being up to posting, we all understand. Good luck with the new meds, there will be something out there that works for you Tracy xxx


What sort of car have you got? I hope you have fun with it. I know its not fun when your mojo has gone walk about,i hope you soon get it back.xxxx


HI yes i have been on sulpha and hydroxy sorry to say it did not work for me. So i am now on MTX i hate the thought off being on it. But now if it works so be it then i will take it. I am injecting it coz the tablets made me feel ill. My fingers are crossed for you it will work xx


Hi, I am on Sulfa and Hydroxy after failing miserably on MTX which I hated!

It's worked very well for me and have had hardly any side effects. I wish you well

Carolyn x


Hope things go ok. figet , chappys message shoul give you hope!. what sort of car have you got? x


I'm on Sulpha & Hydroxy and have just started on MTX - hoping it's going to work!


We should try and arrange a coffee half way sometime




I got the Focus in the end.

It has made such a damn difference to me.

I really wish the MTX injections had worked for me.

I know that is the best treatment if your body can take it

Pauline fingers crossed for you.


hi Fidget:) im currently taking all 3 meds ,,,so far no improvements grrrrr ,,,next step is steroid injections ,,,ohhh what joy ,,not! ,,,,, all the best x


Hi I hope you see a big improvement soon, i know how frustrating it can be when meds don't work, But i am sure they will find the right one for you, it just take time that's what i was told by my rheumy Take Care xxx


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